Top 10 Major Disasters in Singapore

Singapore is rated among five lowest disaster countries but the island was marred by catastrophes many times which shook the nation and its normal day to day life.   A disaster vigilant nation Singapore’s crisis management brought the normalcy back every time the country experienced devastation. Let us have a look at top ten disasters of Singapore that hit the country badly.

1.Airline Disaster: First time a Singaporean airline was hijacked: Singapore was shaken by one of worst hijack disaster in 1991 when one of the Singapore Airlines Flight 117 was hijacked by terrorists of Pakistan origin. Before the terrorists started the killing of the hostages, commandos took control of the situation and killed all the terrorists and freed the hostages

2. Singaporean airline’s engines stopped working in midair: A Qantas Airbus carrying 433 passengers and twenty six crew members suffered a technical snag of the worst kind. The four engines of the plane stopped working in the mid air which lead to the emergency landing of the plane. All the passengers escaped death narrowly.

3.Explosions in Singapore: Singapore’s most horrible accident that killed 78 people and injured many was an explosion at Jurong Shipyard in the island. Spyros Disaster as Singaporeans refers this accident was triggered by the explosion of a Greek tanker Spyros.

4.The floods that sent the life at Southeast Asia haywire:Three Southeast Asian nations Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia were affected by number of floods from the year 2006 to 2007. The floods claimed 78 Singaporeans and thousands were evacuated to safer places from the flood hit areas.

5. First worst floods in Singapore that threw the country out of gear:  The 1978 floods in Singapore endangered people and economy alike, nearly seven people were killed and thousands were rescued by army and police. This flood remains as one of the worst disaster that hit the country.

6.One of the worst disasters in Singapore Hotel New World: Singaporeans can never forget the civil accident of Hotel New World located at crossroads of Owen Road and Serangoon Road. The hotel collapsed to debris within a minute and trapped nearly 50 people beneath it. An explosion was heard before the collapse which was later confirmed as gas cylinder explosion by the police. The 6 storey building collapsed within a minute giving no room for any rescue operation. Nearly 60 people were feared dead in the accident and many were rescued by the people and police.

7.Singaporeans in flames at Bukit Ho Swee: One of the major fire accidents in the history of Singapore that left many people homeless and many were charred to death. The fire broke in Bukit Ho Swee in unlawful resident settlement in 1961 which lead to homelessness of 16000 people; nearly 2200 housed caught fire and were turned to ashes. This is one of the worst Singaporean disasters that shook the nation by its mass destruction. The homeless people were resettled but soon another unauthorized settlement emerged at the same place which again caught fire in the year 1968 leaving 3000 people homeless.

8.A highway under construction collapsed in Singapore: The Nicoll Highway collapse is considered one of the worst accidents in Singapore as it left the road unusable for traffic for more than six months the highway was reopened for public in December 2004 whereas the highway caved in April 2004. A tunnel was being constructed there for MRT trains as a part of the underground Circle train line. The tunnel crashed to 30 meter deep affecting six lanes of the Highway.

9.The first and worst cable car accident of Singapore.:The cable car transportation has been in use in Singapore since 1974 and the first cable car accident that shook the island was in 1983 which claimed life of seven people and trapped 13 people in other cabins on the way. An oil rig that passed under the ropeway hit the cable that extended over the canal between the Jardine Steps and the Sentosa Station. This lead to sinking of the two cabins into the ocean and seven people submerged in water.

10. Singapore under dengue attackDengue fever has worst hit Singapore with over 10,000 cases every year. The worst attack of the tropical fever occurred in 2004 when 14,006 cases were registered and 27 people succumbed to the disease

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