Top 10 Manufacturing Firms in Singapore

Singapore perpetually welcomes the business of every kind whether it is manufacturing, outsourcing, telecommunication, health, food and beverages or finance etc. The city serves as a perfect home for business. The manufacturing firms in Singapore are the great endowment for the city. Substantially these firms are akin to engineering and design. Some hefty manufacturing firms of Singapore are discussed below

1.SIA Engineering Company: It is the major aircraft maintenance provider in the Southeast Asia. It procures more than eighty international clients from the big countries like the United States of America, Australia and Japan etc. Plentiful joint ventures of this company allow it to have a commendable clasp over the aircraft equipment business. It was founded in 1992 by SIA’s engineering division.

2.Giti Tire Private Limited: It is a tire manufacturing company based in Singapore having more than nineteen thousand workers worldwide. It has its sales and marketing operations in more than thirteen countries and they market their tires in more than hundred countries. It has become a leading tire manufacturing company when it entered China in 1993. It is globally among the top ten companies in terms of sales revenue.

3.JW Springs: JW Springs is a spring manufacturing company. John While Springs founded this company in 1885. With the squad of zealous professionals the company grows and has made its clients exultant. Soon it became the trademark for providing the outstanding services to its clients. The industries from which it gets the clients are computers, electronics and telecommunications.

4.LHT Holdings Limited: It is a company with a huge turnover of around thirty million dollar annually. It is the largest manufacturing company in Singapore that produces wooden boxes, crates etc. It was established in 1977 and has awarded with the ISO certification for its remarkable quality in 1997. High quality technology is used by them which ensure the zero wastage of timber. They are expert in dealing with this resource of the earth.

6.Beyonics Technology : Aiming to become a global choice for clients Beyonics Technology has now become a leading manufacturer in medical devices, computer hardware, electronics and telecommunication products. Hardware like hard disk, circuit boards and medical instruments etc. are manufactured by them. It has two centers in Singapore for pressure tool designing and metal stamping tool design.

7.ESCO Global : Esco Group of Companies has their existence in around twelve major countries and has acquired the clients from more than a hundred countries. It is a tool provider company. Pharma and lab equipments are largely manufactured by them.

8.SSMC: SSMC is a well known name among the manufacturers of semiconducting devices. It is a joint venture of NXP and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Advanced semiconductor wafers are produced by them. It was originally founded by Philips and has started manufacturing in 2000. Today SSMC is providing high level of customer satisfaction.

9.CSS Industrial : It is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial tapes and adhesives in the Asia Pacific region. It was established in 1989. They work in a squad of professional who works with conviction to get the quality clients. Some of the major international projects and responsibilities like water tank safety and Youth Olympic Games were handled by them. They also have some clients from medical industries.

10.Yeo Hiap Seng: Yep Hiap Seng is a drink manufacturing company established in Singapore. It manages to produce for the national and international brands. It came into existence in December 1955 and was renamed as Yeo Hiap Seng in November 1968. Initially it was set up in Singapore as a sauce factory but later on it started manufacturing beverages. It has the license to produce Mirinda, 7 Up, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Beer etc.

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