Top 10 Movies Shot in Singapore

Singapore is a picturesque country, which inspired many movie makers to capture the scenic beauty of the place in their films. The film industry here is not as evolved as other businesses but is slowly picking up pace with interest of local directors and artists. Let us look at top ten films that were shot in Singapore:

1.They call her Cleopatra Wong: The film They Call her Cleopatra Wong was shot in Singapore and released in the year 1978.The film was produced and directed by Bobby A Suarez and was distributed by BAS film productions. The film saw first Singaporean female spy played by Marie Lee. The plot of the story revolves around the first woman police officer from Singapore who works for Interpol along with her Filipino counterpart. The film is partially shot in Singapore as the story moves to Singapore in later part of the film

2.Saint Jack: This is the first Hollywood film, which was entirely shot in Singapore. The film revolves around a pimp in Singapore Jack Flowers. The film was based on the novel written by Paul Theroux. The film’s direction is by Peter Bogdanovich and produced by Hugh.M.Hefner and Edward .L. Rissien. The film was not released in Singapore due to censorship issue and the ban was removed in 2006

3.Sex.Violence.Family Values: The film Sex, Violence, Family Values is a 2012 film that won more than ten awards at different film festivals. The film is directed by a Singaporean Director Ken Kwek and comprises of three short films Cartoons, Porn Masala, and The Bouncer. The Porn Masala won Audience Choice Award at Gotham Screen Film Festival at New York. The film got first solo release in Singapore Theater

4.Krrish:Krrish is a Hindi film that was partially shot in Singapore, as per the requirement of the story the Hero goes to Singapore in search of his ladylove. The film was produced and directed by Rakesh Roshan and star cast includes Hindi film heartthrob Hrithik Roshan and beautiful Priyanka Chopra. The film won National Award for it special visual effects and was the top gross earner of the year 2006.

5. Rogue Trader: Rogue Trader is a 1999 film based on bank frauds; the film revolves around an investment broker who bankrupts one of the prestigious banks of Britain. The film's Direction is by James Dearden and produced by Janette Day, Paul Raphael and director himself. As a part of the story, the hero is transferred in a jail in Singapore and these scenes of the film are shot at Changi Prison and Raffles Tower, Singapore.

6.Pretty Polly - A Matter of Innocence: This is a British film shot in 1967 directed by Guy Green; the film is based upon a short story Pretty Polly Barlow. The film is shot in Singapore except for few scenes that are shot in Britain. The film stars Hayley Mills as Heroine and Shashi Kapoor an Indian actor as her hero who plays a role of a Singaporean tourist guide.

7.Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon: The film is a Cantonese film based on the story of two detectives fatty and baldy. The film belongs to genre of action- comedy and is directed by Lau Kar Wing and produced by Wellington Fung. Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon is shot in many parts of Singapore.

8.Ah Boys to Men: Ah Boys to Men is a Singapore Malaysia film produced and directed by Jack Neo. This film is a two-part comedy and is the highest gross earning film of Singapore until day. This is the first South Asian Film in Dolby Atmos Surround Sound.

9.The Last Blood:The Last Blood is a Hong Kong film directed by Wong Jing. The film stars Andy Lau, Alan Tam, Eric Tsang, and Bryan Leung. The film is a top gross earner in Hong Kong.

10. Semesta Mendukung-The Universe SupportsThis is an Indonesian film released in 2011 and shot in Singapore. The film is a children’s film and is travelogue of a boy from Indonesia to Singapore in search of his mother. The film won Citra Award at Indonesian Film Festival

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