Top Ten Museums in Singapore

A majority of the travellers and tourists who touch down at the spic and span Changi International Airport in Singapore have their itinerary planned out well in advance. And you don’t need to think hard to guess what a typical Singapore schedule would be made up of. The days will be filled with rushing from one shopping mall to another and the nights will be spent gambling at the casinos or partying hard at the nightclubs and feasting on a sumptuous dinner before dropping anchor in your hotel.

At the end of it all, you’d be more exhausted than you were when you set foot in Singapore without your credit card statement showing almost zero balance. The next time you visit Singapore, take a break from your shopping jaunts and rather head to the museums of which there are many and most are within walking distance of one another. Just buy a $20 pass that is valid for three days and which gives you the carte blanche to visit as many museums as you’d like. The following is a list of 10 museums that you can conveniently cover in three days.

1.Singapore Art Museum:Singapore is trying hard to live down its image of being a city that is too rooted in its cosmopolitan and hedonistic culture without a matching tradition of contemporary or classical art scenario.  The Singapore Art Museum is all set to change such a profiling as it has acquired a lot of modern and conventional Southeast Asian art making it the world’s biggest repository of Asian art.

2.Perankan Art Museum :The Perankan Art Museum is strategically housed in a section of the Asian Civilizations Museum and chronicles the history of the Perankan immigrants, hailing from mainland China, who came as traders but settled down in Singapore after marrying the local women. The museum houses a dazzling array of artefacts, jewellery and jewelled clothing, and many other collections.

3.National Museum of Singapore:The National Museum of Singapore is arguably the best museum in Singapore and also it’s oldest, being established in 1887. Once you step inside and walk in its hallowed portals, you travel back in time to the 14th century.

The museum houses the 11 most important national treasures. Don’t miss visiting the Four Living Galleries that showcases priceless artefacts, costumes, replicas, snapshots and old films that archive the nation’s performing arts, fashion, cuisines and photographic history.

4.Singapore Philatelic Museum: There’s hardly anybody who was not fascinated by stamps during his growing up days and the Singapore Philatelic Museum is the perfect address in town to relive memories of those nostalgic days as it has an enviable collection of stamps chronicling Singapore’s history from the early thirties of the nineteenth century to the present. The museum also arranges philately workshops periodically.

5.Asian Civilizations Museum: If you frequently leave on backpacking tours, then you must drop in at the Asian Civilizations Museum. It is a veritable museum for backpackers as it displays past and present objects’ de arts and artefacts from the Far East, South East, and Middle East Asian countries. Going through the museum is akin to taking an intensive course on Asian history.

6.Malay Heritage Centre:It was originally a palace that was converted into a Malayan cultural centre. The galleries and the colonnades of the Malay Heritage Centre trace the history of the Malays.  The centre also organizes pottery and batik workshops.

Images of Singapore:This museum presents multimedia exhibits opening with a display of Sir Stamford Raffle’s advent in Singapore and the subsequent influx of Indian, Chinese and Malay migrants. It documents how the four distinct ethnic groups have contributed to the growth and development of the mainland’s culture.

7.Chinatown Heritage Centre:This three tiered revamped heritage structure brings to light and revivifies the appalling conditions under which the earliest of Chinese refugees landed in Singapore. Entire families were packed like sardines into booths of ships and fought their way through poverty, opium addiction, and endemic diseases to find their moorings.

8.Republic of Singapore Navy Museum:The museum annals the history of the Singaporean naval forces since its humble beginnings in 1934 till the present times. You’ll be left gaping at the arresting photographs and the antiquated marine equipment.

9.Changi Museum:The museum records a heart rendering account of the day to day lives of the allied and civilian prisoners during WWII. The Changi Museum catered to more than 5,000 prisoners during its heydays.    

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