Top 10 Nightlife Visiting Spots

Singapore is pretty famous for its night life.† Most of the tourists come to enjoy the night life spots in the city. †These spots include pubs, nightclubs, discos and all night music and dance clubs located at some prominent hotels.† The top 10 night life spots in Singapore are as follows.

1.Singapore Pub Crawl : Itís ranked as number one among the nightlife spots in Singapore.† This Pub Crawl takes place almost every week.† This is also one of the best entertainment centers and nightclubs in Singapore.† The people frequenting the nightclub include locals, expats, and tourists. There are certain free shots and drink deals offered at the bars. Entry is free. ††

2.†Altitude Gallery : Rated as one of the most preferred destiny for dining and entertainment in Singapore, Altitude is located 280m above sea level.†

3.Ku De Ta Club Lounge : Ranked as no. 3 among nightlife spots in Singapore, Ku De Ta Club Lounge opens at 11am.† It offers beautiful views of Singapore.† At late night, the spot comes to life.† In the open area, you can enjoy champagne etc. in candlelight settings, while indoors you have glitzy lights, music and renowned deejays in action.† Deejays come here not only from Singapore but from overseas as well and thatís the reason Ku Deí Ta is known as a hot nightlife destination.

4.Home Club :Ranked as 4th, this nightclub is known as the hub of music and entertainment.† It is known for drum and bass music.

5. The Crazy Elephant : Ranked as 5th, this nightlife spot in Singapore is known for fun and entertainment.† One of the best places to unwind, it's referred to as a fabulous nightlife spot. Visit it to explore the many options available here.

6.Martini Bar at Mezza9 : Ranked as 6th, Martini Bar at Mezza9, this is a glass enclosed nightclub. †Itís on the mezzanine floor. †Itís an award winning spot for the best martinis in town.† There are around 30 handcrafted martini drinks and thus is a killer spot for martini maniacs.

7.BRIX : Ranked as 7th, itís a great place for the night out. Itís professionally managed club and is located in the basement. †For partying and unwinding, there are three different sections in the club.† The Wine and Whisky Bar offers the best wines in town. †Music Bar offers the best of music, as there is a resident band here that comprises of international artists and music includes authentic Calypsos, soul and R&B. Itís an ideal spot for partying. ††

8.Post Bar : Ranked as 8th among the Singapore nightclubs in terms of quality and offers to a visitor, it boasts of a great environment. ††The club building was a General Post Office earlier; the bar is named as Post Bar, which is not only modern but exotic as well, with live music facility.

9.Tea Chapter :Ranked as 9th, itís a traditional night spot, where you can have a fantastic tea experience.† This is more of a shop cum restaurant and is a popular hangout.†

10. KPO Ranked as 10th among the night spots, itís a must visit place in Singapore.† Itís located at a premier location at the junction of three major roads, Oxley, Killiney, and Penang Road.† Itís also located in an erstwhile Post Office building, completely renovated but retaining the post war look.† Glass walls and steel fixtures are added to give it a modern look.† The beauty of this place is that the Killiney post office is still fully functional here. ††

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