Top 10 Private Schools of Singapore

With 20% of the national budget dedicated to education, this island nation-Singapore has developed a well resourced schooling system. The national institute of education trains all teachers who teach there to ensure that highest quality of education is imparted. Private institutions have the sort of campuses that could give the architects of Harvardís a run for their money. They are major contributors towards changing the face of education in Asia from primary level itself.

Amongst the various private schools, the top ones in the list are:

1.Nexus International School, Singapore(NISS) : Spread on a campus area of 470,000sq.feet, NISS has various academic programs and co-curricular activities like gymnasium, swimming pool, and sports field, laboratories for science, multi-media and computer. It maintains a team of educators with latest teaching practices and standards that educate from kindergarten level onwards.

2.One World International School : With a very resourceful and outstanding educating staff community, this school strongly believes in nurturing hidden talent that every child in their school possesses. With the aim of developing independent and enthusiastic life long learners, this is a school to trust your child's future in.†

San Yu Adventist School Limited(SYAS): Approved in 1998 by the Singapore Ministry of Education, this school is owned and run by the Seventh-day Adventist Mission Singapore. SYAS is a completely self supporting institute.

4.Stamford American International School : With a rigorous academic curriculum under IB program, Stamford American International offers latest IT infrastructure and classroom technology in its world class educating facilities featuring top notch athletic and academic resources. An Apple Computer Centre, Learning Resource and Media center and this city's first Cognita iLEarn interactive and advanced learning environment which create opportunities for video conferencing and interdisciplinary instructions with great lecturers around the world, this esteemed institute has become very popular in this city.

5.Chinese International School(CNIS) : A boarding school, CNIS creates an environment for its students residing under the same roof to interact and learn from each other. This school seeks not only to provide highly qualified students but also socially responsible global citizens.

6.Canadian International School(CIS) : With the motto of "LERANING TODAY,LEADING TOMORROW", CIS, started in 1990,has earned a name for excellence in the field of imparting knowledge by the method of implementing educational methodologies that are tailor made for its students from all around the globe.†

7. FY Institute of Technology (FYIT):Established in 2004, FYIT serves the foreign and local students by providing them necessary and valuable skills trying to give a better career future ahead.

8. Etonhouse International School Pte Limited: This Singapore based group, providing education from early childhood days, has 8 branches in different countries running across Asia. Along with imparting knowledge to kids, it also provides educational courses for teacher training.

9. ST. Francis Methodist School: †A vivid community of international learning, St. Francis strongly believes in providing a nurturing environment with the best and perfect educational pathway for its students that also imbibe in them a sense of social responsibility.

10. Tanglin Trust School Limited: With a remarkable name in the field of educating students since 1925, Tanglin Trust in Singapore serves the expatriate community.

These schools of Singapore along with offering courses that add value to their students have earned a reputation for excellence also.

Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.

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