Top 10 Research Firms in Singapore

Singapore is a highly urbanized city with advanced infrastructure. There are many market research firms in Singapore. Some of these firms are decades old and have served efficiently in specific fields of marketing. Market research comprises of team effort to fetch information on customer base and marketing. Market research is one of the integral components of business strategy. Market research comprises of opinion and social research and is a systematic interpretation and application of information related to markets and marketing procedures.

1.Acorn Marketing and Research Consultants Pte Ltd :
ACORN is an independent Asian research network offering sturdy local insights all across the Asian continent. The company is specialized in solving problems associated with marketing stats, product and brand positioning, configuration, rejuvenation, tracing marketing efficacy and other relative streams.

2.Kadence International Ltd :
Kadence International Ltd is one of the biggest and independent research firms located in Singapore. The company has an international customer base. The company has its offices across Asia in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and China as well as in USA and UK. The organization was founded in 1992 and works in association with international marketing analytic organizations.

3.Agility Research and Strategy:
Agility Research and Strategy is a consultation and research company established in Singapore. The company offers marketing solutions and incorporates effective marketing strategies according to sole necessities of a client’s business. The company has been serving effectively in this field over a decade now.

4.Asian Strategies Pvt Ltd:
Asian Strategies is an independent research firm located in Singapore and its offices are located all across Asia-Pacific, including Thailand, Australia and Indochina. The directorial board of this organization is experienced for over 60 years in the field of market research. The company has been providing notable research services in emerging markets.

5.AXANTEUS Research:
AXANTEUS Research is information, data and research consultancy service provider located in Singapore. The company has been engaged in this field for over a decade now. AXANTEUS Research is operated by an efficient board of directors those specialize in implementation of marketing strategies and their accurate analysis.

6.Blackbox Research Pte Ltd:
Blackbox Research Pte Ltd is a research organization based in Singapore. The company is over a decade old. It is one of the topmost research companies in the city that has a huge client base. The company amalgamates qualitative and quantitative research techniques in order to analyze marketing stats of client companies.

7.Cataliz Singapore:
The Cataliz is an international research company. Its offices are based in Singapore, France and Indonesia. The organization covers more than forty markets across Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. This internationally oriented research company works in association with top global research organizations.

8.Brass Tacks Asia Consulting Pte Ltd:
It is a qualitative research agency that specializes in strategic multi-national research. The company has an experience of 25 years in the field. The company has a highly efficient directorial board that specializes in different segments of market analytics and research.

9.Flamingo Asia Pacific:
Flamingo APAC is an efficient research company based in Singapore. The company utilizes innovative approaches in determining marketing stats of client companies. Consultancy and high level strategic thinking are implicated by Flamingo APAC to satisfy its clients over marketing. Its consultancy services specialize in certain streams of marketing analytics.

10.GfK Asia Pte Ltd
GfK Asia Pte Ltd is a regional auxiliary of its parent company GfK Group. The company is specialized in offering marketing tracking services that are retail based. GfK has an international customer base. The company has its headquarters in Singapore and operates at over fourteen regions across the Asia-Pacific.

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