Top 10 Sports in Singapore

There can be nothing more entertaining and rejuvenating than sports for all Singaporeans! And thatís the reason why, this land plays a number of sports, which is quite a rare thing to be found else where! Apart from entertainment and recreation, sports are also played for competition at Singapore. This passionate recreational activity of Singaporeans can be divided into a number of categories like popular sports, adventure sports, indoor sports, outdoor sports and water sports. There are different types of sports for each of the categories and they are mentioned below:

  • Popular sports- Cricket, Badminton, Basket Ball, Rugby, Cycling, Swimming and football come into the category of popular sports.
  • Adventure Sports- These are the must for every thrill seeker. These include Cable skiing, rock climbing, sky diving and wake boarding.
  • Indoor sports- As everyone knows, these are the sports that are played in door and these include tennis, badminton, squash, gymnastics and table tennis.
  • Outdoor Sports- Contrary to indoor sports, these are played outdoors and include football, basketball, volleyball and cricket too.
  • Water Sports- These are the unique features of Singapore recreation. None of the vacation is complete without any of these water sports. These include sailing and windsurfing.

Hereís a list of the top 10 sports in Singapore:

1.Basketball :
Basketball is one of the most popular sports of Singapore. This sport has won a number of accolades for the country, during the games played outside Singapore. The Basketball Association of Singapore is involved in promoting this sport within the mainland of Singapore since the year of its inception in the year 1925.

2.Bodybuilding :
It is also a popular sport in Singapore. And similar to the basketball, there have been a number of awards in this sport which thus implies the interest of Singapore people in this particular sport. It has won awards at the NPC Tournament of Champions, USA, Asian Womenís bodybuilding Championships in China, World Bodybuilding Championships, Commonwealth Bodybuilding Championships and Asian Games in Busan.

3.Sailing :
It is one of the most favorite water sports of Singapore. There have been many national and international sports events where Singaporeans have exhibited their talent in sailing. Some of the few are Asian Games in Hiroshima, SEA games, Youth Sailing World Championship, Asian Games, Ladies International, Asian Games, Men's International, World Silat Championships in Holland and Thailand.

4.Football :
When it comes to football, none of the Singaporeans can hold their excitement and this the reason why this land has bagged so many awards in football like Malaysia Cup and the ASEAN Football Championship.

5.Cable skiing :
It is one of the adventures cum water sports in Singapore. It attracts the vacationers a lot and also the native. There have been many national and international sports events where Singapore has bagged accolades for cable skiing;

6.Swimming :
No one can deny the love of Singaporeans for water as the list goes unending for the number of rewards they have won in this sport; US swimming Championships, Asian Games, Southeast Asia Games and 2008 Summer Olympics are some of the few ones where Singapore natives have shown their swimming talents.

7.Badminton :
Badminton is also one of the most played outdoor games in Singapore. Commonwealth Games in Manchester, Japan Open singles and All-England Cup are the international platforms where Singapore is known for its badminton talents.

8.Netball :
Though it is a widely played game, but there havenít been many achievements in this sports for Singapore. The Singapore team had defeated the Malaysian team in the Asian Netball Championship in 2005.

9.Table tennis :
This is the popular indoor games in Singapore. The players have won a number of awards at the Commonwealth Championships in singles, mixed doubles and womenís doubles events.

10.Weightlifting :
Weightlifting too is considered to be an important game in the national sports agenda of Singapore. Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and Summer Olympic games are where the players have proved their talent in light weight, middle weight and bantam weight category.

Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.

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