Top 10 Textile Companies in Singapore

 In the recent years, the economic boom has transformed Singapore into a textile Gateway. With most leading textile company’s head quarters and industrial units in the “lion capital”, the city has emerged as a major sourcing hub. Also, a textile and fashion federation has been formed in Singapore, with a prime motive to “dress the world”. The federation provides technical know-how to designers, manufacturers and even students about the manufacturing, marketing, sourcing, designing and distributing of Textiles. This non-profit organization was established in 1981 and since then TaFf has been praised for embellishing the skill and expertise of young designers and companies that are on the verge of global expansion.

The top 10 Textile Companies of Singapore are:

1.Eurocloth Textiles: This Singapore based company imports about three thousand different designed and colored fabrics.  The sole distributor of Eurocloth products is Huberross. The brand name is much sought after by tailors all over the world for suiting purposes. Also, the brand presents glamorous surprises at the change of season, in order to present a pleasant break from the usual fabrics.

2. Khoon Heng: Since establishment in the year 1975, the company has added a wide selection of quality fabrics and colors to its stock list. With over 40 years of industrial experience, the company specializes in importing, exporting and whole selling of fabrics for uniforms at schools, hotels, airlines, factories etc. The company is a reputable distributor of the ‘Toray’ mills.

3. Hock Joo Tex Enterprises Pte Ltd: The company is enriched with over 35 years of industrial experience, making it a major whole seller and trader of textiles, which are generally used for making uniforms. The company also has sale agencies in other countries, keeping up to the promise of dressing the world in superior quality cloth.

4. Tiong Chuan Trading Co.: Tiong Chuan Trading Co. is a well renowned export and import firm in Singapore, and has been dealing with Stock lot Knitted Fabrics for over 35 years. With the determination to provide the best quality fabric at lowest possible prices, Tiong Chuan Trading Co. continues to satisfy its global customers and makes them come back for more, season after season.

5.  Idplus PTE LTD : idPLUS PTE LTD is amongst the apparel suppliers, wholesalers and exclusive distributors for HANES. The company aims at providing quality products and services to end customers. The company strongly foots its social as well as ethical responsibilities with pride and 100% honesty.

6.  Hong Fu Textile & Carpet: The company specializes in providing a wide variety of carpets, curtains and other home décor fabrics, Since establishment in the year 1984, the company has been committed to providing myriad patterns, colors, textures of carpets; which are not just fashion forward but also affordable.

7.  Positive Proprietaries Pte Ltd: Positive Fashion Extravaganza deals with ladies, men, children, sports garments; apart from the furnishings. The company provides high end fashion fabrics to whole sellers, Departmental stores, manufacturer of garments,  trading houses and elite interior designers.

8. Caps N design Pte Ltd: The company specializes in providing embroidered, printed patched logos to corporate houses, where branding is necessary. Caps N Design Pte Ltd provides a perfect blend of manual aswell as modern machines, to provide solutions to almost all the industrial needs.

9. Ban Joo Global Pte Ltd: Ban Joo Global specializes in import and export of textile fabrics within the region. The company specializes in providing high quality cotton, polyester fabrics, etc at most reasonable prices.

10.  Gim Joo Textile Company Pte Ltd: The company displays a collection exemplary detailed designs and fabrics , that is sure to impress the customers. Besides the world- class quality and chic designs, the price tags make it a great value for money brand.

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