Top 10 Baby Sitters in Singapore

Zeroing in on the ideal babysitter in Singapore who’ll be able to take care of your baby or kid exactly in the same manner you’d do can be quite challenging and harrowing to say the least. There are so many aspects you’d have to decide on. What kind of babysitter will perfectly suit your baby’s needs? For how many hours do you want to engage the nanny? Would you want the babysitter to come over to your place or you’d prefer to drop off your baby at her place? And finally, how’d you go about finding one?

You can always seek tips from other parents that have the experience of engaging babysitters or you can post an ad in an active forum like a mummy’s group. Or you can hire a babysitter from any of the following top 10 online babysitting agencies.
1.Innovon Services
Innovon Services is a frontline babysitting agency in Singapore that has been providing nannies and babysitters since 1998. You can log in at their website for choosing a nanny from a gargantuan database of experienced babysitters that’ll suit yours or rather your baby’s specific needs.

NannyPro excels in exclusively matching a nanny with your baby. The agency is approved by the Ministry of Manpower and it recruits qualified caregivers from neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. You get a babysitter with a month of guaranteed services that is if you’re pleased with the services of the hired babysitter, you can ask for a replacement at no extra cost. Log in at has been extending stellar services particularly to expatriate parents who are just beginning to settle down in Singapore and have no idea about how to go about seeking a babysitter in the city. They have babysitters who babysit at their homes and also babysit at client’s home. Visit or send a mail to

4.A-team Amahs
This is yet another premier babysitting agency that has some of the best nannies on their rolls. You’ll come across their classifieds in numerous mainstream newspapers and journals in Singapore. Just log in at if you want to know more about their nanny services they offer.

5.PEM Maid Employment Agency
This is one online agency that is known for subjecting prospective babysitters to rigorous psychological evaluation tests before selecting them. PEM Maid Employment Agency has been able to establish its goodwill by entrusting babysitters to its clients who’re perfectly placed to meet their specific needs.
You can sign up for free with as far as your quest for a dependable childminder or babysitter is concerned. You can become a member and use the features without paying anything. Visit
If you want to hire a babysitter for your kid without any hassles, just post a classified in specifying your requirements for free. The ad remains valid for 3 months. Anyway, you’ll need to pay up if you want to directly get in touch with a babysitter. is a portal that proffers various domestic services including housecleaning services and of course babysitting services. They provide babysitting services to touring families with babies who’ve put up a hotel or guesthouse.

9.Happy Kids Club Singapore
If you prefer to drop off your baby at the babysitter’s place or at a playhouse on your way to office and pick her up when you’re on your way back home, then you consider engaging the services of Happy Kids Club Singapore.

GreatAupair is a comprehensive online resource that can help you find a fulltime or part-time nanny who caters to your specific requirements. The site can help you find a nanny from your own social community. Visit for full details.

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