Top 10 businessmen in Singapore

1. Robert & Philip Ng
The brothers-duo Robert & Philip Ng top the chart of richest businessmen in Singapore. With a wealth of over $10,600 million ($10.6 billion), they run Far East Organization. This family business empire includes around 700 hotels along with several glitzy malls and properties both in Singapore and Hong Kong in China.

2. Kwek Leng Beng & family
Kwek Leng Beng, the 72 year old businessman from Singapore is the second richest man in the Island state. With a wealth of around $7,100 million ($7 billion), he has a diversified business portfolio, with a huge amount of inherited wealth, which is still growing.

3. Khoo family
Khoo family is ranked 3rd in terms of wealth, which is largely earned through banking sector, while some of its part is inherited. The family owns a fortune of $6,700 million ($6.7 billion). The family sold a large part of their inheritance in 2006, which was a $4 billion stake in Standard Chartered Bank. The family is also known for its lavish charity through its own foundation.

4. Wee Cho Yaw
Wee Cho Yaw is son of a wealthy banker who founded United Overseas Bank, the largest bank in Singapore by market capitalization. He owns a wealth of $5,300 million ($5.3 billion). He also builds condos in Singapore through a family owned real estate firm.†

5. Kwee brothers
Kwee brothers are at 5th rank in Singapore as far as leading businesspeople of the Island state are concerned. With a wealth of over $5,200 million ($5.2 billion), the brothers are proud owners of some of big real estate properties, hotels, and towers in Singapore. The family controls Pontiac Land, one of the biggest developers in Singapore.

6. Richard Chandler
Richard Chandler, a New Zealander owns an investment firm Chandler Capital Corporation and has a stake in healthcare businesses of Southeast Asia. He has large stakes in many private hospital groups of the neighboring countries. He has a fortune of $2,800 million ($2.8 billion) largely earned through investments.

7. Eduardo Saverin
Eduardo Saverin, an ex-colleague of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook co-founder has left US and renounced its citizenship to settle in Singapore. Facebook is a leading social media site with a successful business model and it saw an IPO launch recently, through which Saverin made millions of dollars when the stock boomed. He still has a 2.2% stake in Facebook and his total wealth is estimated to be $2,650 million ($2.6 billion).

8. Kuok Khoon Hong
The 63 years old businessman Kuok Khoon Hong has a fortune of $2,200 million( $2.2 billion), which is largely earned through his palm oil business. He has Malaysian roots and his uncle, Robert Kuok is a billionaire in Malaysia. His palm oil company Wilmar International is doing good and expanding into Africa after a successful stint in China.

††† 9. Goh Cheng Liang
Goh Cheng Liang comes at 9th slot among the leading businessmen of Singapore. He has a fortune of $2,100 million ($2.1 billion). He is into paintsí business. His paintsí business Wuthelam Group has presence in many countries and it has its arm in Hong Kong with a name of Nipsea International, which is run by his son. He has 33% stake in Japan's Nippon Paint.

10. Peter Lim
Peter Lim, 60, owns a fortune of $ 2,050 million ($2.05 billion). He has a holding of around $1.50 billion in palm oil company Wilmar, owned by Kuok Khoon Hong. He is also developing a residential property in Vantage Bay.

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