Top 10 Comics in Singapore

Most of those who’ve been to Singapore either as tourists or as business visitors have had the impression that Singaporeans are taciturn by nature judging by the glum appearances of most of the locals. If you happen to visit this tiny South-East Asian nation (it is actually a city spread across numerous islands) for the first time, you’ll keep wondering as to why the locals don’t open up easily. But if you care to take the initiative to introduce yourself to a local and try to socialize with him, you’ll see him discarding his veneer of self-imposed impregnability sooner or later. Contrary to widespread belief amongst the expatriates and foreign visitors, Singaporeans can be quite funny and hilarious. Many Singaporeans have a well developed sense of humour that is palpable from the witty jokes and anecdotes they share with others.

Singaporeans also like to read comic books and magazines. This is evident from the voluminous sales of comic books, CDs, and video game consoles of all genres. When one goes online in Singapore, one finds innumerable downloadable comic journals and magazines. The ‘Comic Society (Singapore)’ which was established in 2007 is the lead organization for promoting a comical culture in the country. Its other objectives are to scout for local talent who have a penchant for writing comic tales and developing animation characters. The society also gives able representation to the country in the international comic industry. The following lines list the most favourite comic books and magazines in Singapore that have been endorsed by the members of the ‘Comic Society (Singapore) most of whom are well known comic aficionados in the country.

To draw a list of the ten most popular comic characters in Singapore is indeed an onerous task as there are an almost an infinite number of them that find favour with the locals. Just sample some-Birds of Prey, Shang-Chi Master of Kung Fu, Wonderworld Comics, Batman-Bane of the Demon, Eternal Warrior, and Wonder Woman and so on. Nevertheless, an earnest attempt has been made to present the most sought after comics.

  • 1.The Walking Dead ‘Infected’-In this action packed comical video, the protagonist Rick and his band of followers is up against the wall in trying to protect everybody from the marauding zombies who’re intent on wiping out the human species.
  • 2.Indestructible Hulk Special-Hank McCoy and Spider-Man give unstinted support to Banner in an attempt to get to the bottom of the conundrum surrounding Dr. Octopus.
  • 3.Wonder Woman-In this comic, the Olympians Gods have called a conclave and have invited Wonder Woman Diana to take part in the meeting. But the question is will Diana oblige?
  • 4.Batman/Superman-The first arc is drawing to a close and both Batman and Superman are locked in a profound encounter that might have far reaching consequences.
  • 5.Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion-Villains have taken over the world that used to be run by ‘The Rogues’ which is not at all acceptable to them.
  • 6.Mars Attacks Judge Dredd - The Martians continue to overrun Mega-Cities and Judge Dredd stands in their way.
  • 7.Red Sonja - Red Sonja is a martial woman who has come back from the dead many times.
  • 8.Coffin Hill - Eve Coffin is the main character whose past has been anything but reckless and her future could be more devastating.
  • 9.Invincible - Mark Greyson and Nolan his father fight it out to determine the mightiest Viltrumite.
  • 10.Guardians of the Galaxy - Angela after fighting hard is captured and now she’s on a fact finding mission to determine her real identity and the purpose of her journey to Earth.

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