Top 10 Dance Schools in Singapore

1. Tanglin Arts Studio of Dance

Tanglin Arts Studio is one of the best dance classes for the kids in Singapore.  It is located on Turf Club Road, Horsecity, Singapore. Owned by Katjapaus, Tanglin Studio makes dance an interesting activity for kids. The school offers several dance forms such as hip hop, tap, jazz, ballet, acrobatic, and lyrical. it is suitable for both boys and girls.

2. Kpop

Kpop Dance Singapore offers dance classes that promise you to make you learn dance like a pro within three months' time, where instructors deliver the best training, without giving you any strain or stress. Dance is pure fun here and it's also easy to follow. You also learn choreography and dance inspired by Korean pop stars. Kpop dance is an ideal dance training center, where adults in their 20s to 40s can learn dance, as a fun activity, an exercise regimen and a weight loss program.

3. Dance Factory

Dance Factory Singapore is a one stop shop for all dance events and training activities. Its main constituent body is Dancepointe Singapore. It's run and founded by Miss Lena Foo, who is an established international dancer herself. She has 15 years of experience in training RAD Classical Ballet curriculum. She is also into Jazz training and a proud member of Australian Teacher of Dancing International (ATODI).

4. Forms Ballet and Dance School

Located in Bukit Timah Plaza Singapore, it is a dance school for kids. The Ballet dance training center offers separate dance classes for children from three to six years. Located in a very spacious and clean studio; the dance classes offer opportunities for socializing apart from dance activities. Around 25 adult dancers can be accommodated in this spacious Ballet training center.

5. Cindini

Cindini Dance International is located in Upper Cross Street in China Town, Singapore. Some leading international dancers and coaches teach different dance forms in Cindini. Quality, style and comfort are their motto and their mission is to train young dancers to become dance stars. It has training facilities for women, men and children separately

6. Pure Fitness Asia Square

You can energize your body and mind at Pure Fitness Singapore. It is located at 8, Marina View, Singapore and its dance classes run from 2 pm to 9 pm on weekdays. It is a complete fitness centre, where there is a nutrition workshop by food experts along with yoga and health awareness activities. At Pure Fitness you can exercise every fiber of your muscle and stamina.

7.'O' School

'O' school is located on 2, Orchard Link, Singapore. It is one stop shop for lyrical jazz, hip hop, street jazz, reggae, contemporary jazz, waacking, popping, kpop, girls' hip hop, freestyle, and locking dance forms. The classes are available for all levels, including beginners' level and intermediate level.  Kid's dances are known as Boogie Star and Tumble tots and these are available for kids from four years to nine years.

8.  Dance Arts

Dance Arts is located at Funan Bridge Road, Singapore. This dance school is an established dance academy since 1983. It offers dance training for all age groups including children and adults. The qualified dance instructors develop new dance techniques along with passion and interest for the art. It is a dance training center for ballet, jazz (including children's jazz, adult latin, adult broadway, adult street, adult lyrical, and adult contemporary) tap and hip hop.

9.  JJ Salsa Rengue

JJ Salsa Rengue is located at 76, Peck Seah Street, Singapore. It is a famous Salsa training center in Singapore. The expert dance teachers offer training in different forms of Salsa such as Merengue, Casino Rueda, Salsa, Street Cha Cha and Bachata. The dance school also arranges different dazzling dance performances and shows.

10.  Artiste Quotient

It is located at East Coast Road, Singapore. It is a dance training center, which provides quality dance training in various forms such as jazz contemporary, ballet, Latin and tap classes. At Artiste Quotient, training is available for the masses and not just the dance professionals. They aim to produce next generation of dance enthusiasts, dance trainers and even the dance audiences. They also organize various events and programs such as summer school winners, AQ Scholarship Auditions, 1st Dance, Singapore (CSTD) Dance Competitions and classes with examiner Sharon Kennedy.

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