Top 10 Don'ts in Singapore

All wanderlust tourists and globetrotters would unanimously agree that Singapore as a vacationing destination offers endless choices in terms of sightseeing attractions, hotels, shopping malls and plazas, and eateries. In fact, you'll have a tough time deciding what to include and what to leave out in your 'must see' or 'must do' list.

However, when you type the keywords 'Top 10 Don'ts in Singapore' on the web browser, you'll hardly find any worthwhile links that scrupulously list the things you certainly should not do in the most organized and cleanest of cities in the world.

1.Don’t be lax with food. Yes, you want to go the whole hog by experimenting with different cuisines that are available in the eateries and various hawker food centres in Singapore. But unless you’re doing a travel show for a TV channel or a tourist agency, you’d be better off if you’re careful about what goes into your mouth.

2.Desist from savoring the Durian if you don’t have the nerve. Local Singaporeans say the taste of the Durian-a fruit native to these parts-is divine. Some food aficionados have even gone on to compare it to 'Ambrosia’ or 'food of the gods'. But for every individual who has found this fruit to be heavenly delicious, there has been ten individuals who have likened it smell to faeces and have almost regurgitated after taking a bite. However, the only way to find out the truth for self is by tasting it.

3.Think Twice Before Trying Pedicure or Foot Reflexology. You'll be tempted to go in for a massage especially for your feet and the lower extremities when they start aching after endless miles of walking. When you ask for suggestions, you'll be egged on by locals to try foot reflexology or pedicure. Unless you are as mentally strong, you'll surely wince in pain and end up becoming unconscious at the end of it all. However, if you can endure the pain and allow the technique to run its full course, you'll emerge feeling fit as fiddle.

4.Spicy Food in Singapore can be spicier than you think. If you think that Indian cuisines are the hottest, then you'll be forced to change your opinion when you taste the Chilli Crab. There are many other spicy dishes which when you taste will make you feel as if you've swallowed a volcano in full blast.

5.Don't Cross Streets when the Pedestrian Light Turns Red. Yes, never ever cross streets or roads if the pedestrian signal post shows red. Traffic police officers are waiting at every turn and corner to pounce on you and extract a steep fine. Also if you're self-driving and have been handed an ERP ticket, pay it promptly or else you'll end up paying more than what you did for renting the vehicle.

6.Desist From Shopping unless it is Unavoidable. Perhaps no other expense in Singapore will drain your vacation money than shopping. Yes, contrary to what others have to say, shopping is criminally expensive here. Rein in your shopaholic urges or else you'll run out of money to go back home.

7.Don't Spit. Singapore is a spic and span city and Singaporeans are very law abiding when it comes to keeping the city clean. If all that seem just balderdash to you just try spitting and you'll end up coughing 200 Singaporean dollars.

8.Do not Chew Gum Either. Yes, you heard that right. Control your urge to chew gum, at least never in public if you don't way to end up losing money unnecessarily in fines.

9.Don't Return to Your Hotel Early. Singapore is not only a clean city but also a very safe city, particularly for women. So, if you really want to freak out, party late into the night and don't return to your nest early.

10.Don't Litter. You'll find enough dustbins and litterbins everywhere in Singapore to discard your refuse. So, don't be careless in disposing your waste on the streets or out in the open.

Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.

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