Top 10 Fast Food Chains in Singapore

Fast foods – We all love them! Well, a few health conscious may crook their eyebrows, but no one can escape the taste, the smell and the yummy-delicious looking fast foods. No matter how much health conscious we are – we still fall in love with artistic looking and lip smacking junk food.

Fast food networks are growing fast in the city of Singapore and different forms of fast foods are gaining popularity amongst the localities and tourists of this place. Let's go though the list of top 10 fast food chains in Singapore:

Burger King Singapore
After conquering the world, mostly Europe and the USA, the King is now aiming to capture the Asian market. This fast food chain has been in Singapore for quite a few years now and it manages to clinch as many appreciators. Sauces laden, seared in flares, and capped with cheese, the Burgers are perfect treats for the foodies, especially for the kids. No wonder, Burger King Outlets have become one of the most frequented place by localities and tourists alike.

KFC Singapore
Those who love fast food must have heard about KFC –presenting the finger licking mouth watering savories to the foodies. This fast food chain is mainly popular for serving different dishes of chickens. Apart from signature chicken dishes of KFC, the leading brand also serves cool beverages, veg delights and other delicacies.

Mc Donald's Singapore
Another popular and world's fastest growing fast food chain, which has done mammoth business in Singapore over last few years. The year of 2011 was quite notable for the company as in this year the company has successful buzzed the Singapore fast food market. Innovative fast foods items, along with fresh cheesy burger, beverages, etc. are served at this place.

Subway is a popular destination for the fast food lovers in Singapore. This is another giant global fast food chain, which is successfully operating in Singapore. The fresh subs are very much popular amongst all ages as they are also on health quotient. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available at the outlets of Subway. Apart from subs, salads and cookies and beverages too are served are.

MOS Burger
A heavenly place for the burger lovers as MOS Burger offers a variety of burgers, including both veg and non-veg options. Enjoy your own customized burger at these outlets. Its generous servings and affordable price plan is what makes the brand a favorite, apart from delicious burgers.

The Shepherd's Pie
Delicious fast foods are available at The Shepherd's Pie. Classic meat items, including – beefs, chicken, lambs, etc. are available, along with soft drinks and other beverages! Though, this fast food chain has a limited number of outlets, but all the outlets are highly popular for the appealing menu and savored delicacies.

Fish & Co.
Are you a fish lover? Well, if yes, then definitely Fish & Co. is the place for you. A lot of fish varieties and dishes are available at the outlets of this fast food chain to satisfy ones fish cravings.

Pasta Mania
Explore the 'Little Italy' at Singapore – give the Italiano-charm to your taste buds with the fast food outlet, namely Pasta Mania. This is one of the best fast food centers for pastas.

Pepper Lunch
A place for finding tasty meats prepared freshly and served with the spicy pepper. Popular amongst localities, the food chain is most preferred for its hot plate serves and sauce mixing option.

Arnold's Fried Chicken
If you are in Singapore, then Arnold's Fried chicken is a must-visit fast food joint. The crispy yummy fried chicken will surely satisfy your taste buds.

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