Top 10 Last Minute Tips While Traveling Back from Singapore

Last minute tips while traveling back from Singapore

Tip 1: Reach Changi Airport well in time
Custom clearance is one of the most important legal processes at Changi Airport Singapore. So, make sure you arrive at least two hours prior to the scheduled flight. This way you will get ample time for the inspection of your goods by Singapore Customs and get your claims verified.

Tip 2: Proceed to Customs Inspection Counter
In case, you want a refund on gels products, aerosols, liquids or other check-in goods, go to the Departure Hall and reach Customs Inspection Counter and get your claim endorsed. This should be done before you reach immigration counter.

Tip 3: Proceed to the Transit Lounge at Customs Inspection Counter
To claim GST refund on hand carried or high-value goods, approach the CIC (custom counter) at the Transit Lounge and get it endorsed.

Tip 4: Get the free foot massages at Changi Airport
Singaporeís Changi Airport offers you comfortable massage chairs available throughout the airport, so that you can rejuvenate yourself and relax your tired feet muscles. There is no restriction on the duration for which you want to get this massage, so you can enjoy your waiting time in these comfortable chairs. While you relax in the mechanical massaging chairs, its built-in massagers will rub, press, and roll your feet and ankles, according to the adjusted settings.

Tip 5: Avail Changiís Free City Tour
Your flight is still five hours away, but there is something you can do in the meantime that will remain fresh in your memories for years to come. Changi Airport offers a free two hour city tour of Singapore. This is a bus service which takes you inside the city, and then you're going to board an old Chinese ferry that will sail you across the Singapore River. It involves a tour guide and includes a walk along the river bank, where you can enjoy the scenic view of the city. This service is absolutely free. There are several such trips in the mornings and afternoons and it provides an amazing experience even if you have visited the city multiple times.

Tip 6: Report to immigration if you are carrying SGD 30K in or out of Singapore
if you are carrying more than SGD 30K are similar amount in any other currency, to or from Singapore, you have to report it as immigration, according to the Singapore laws. You can fill up a NP727 form for that. It is not restricted to carry this amount in or out, but you need to report it to the immigration.

Tip 7: Don't buy travel accessories at the airport
If, you need certain travel accessories such as cushions, adapter plugs or eye masks, buy it before you reach airport from cheap pound shops.

Tip 8: Take your own food to the aircraft
You can buy your own food and take it to the aircraft, as inside the aircraft, it is quite expensive and the airlines compensates for their cheaper tickets in terms of inflated food prices.

Tip 9: Exchange your currency before reaching airport
The currency exchange counters at the airport don't always offer you the best exchange rate. Therefore, you should exchange your currency in the banks or counters of prominent exchange companies inside the city.

Tip 10: Ensure your passport is valid
You should always have a look at your passport before you travel. If your passport is not valid, you might be denied the travel. It is always easier to contact your countryís high commission or embassy in Singapore, prior to your trip to validate your passport.

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