Top 10 Math Books in Singapore

Singapore despite being one of the smallest countries in the world has a well-developed and burgeoning economy which is larger than most countries. Singapore has come a long way since it broke free from colonial yoke in the fifties of the last century. Singapore is now an advanced country economically socially, politically and culturally. Singaporeans are highly educated as the nation has a literacy rate of nearly 94%.

The nation has a rich smattering of primary, secondary and higher secondary schools that rigorously follow well-entrenched academic curriculums. Of all the subjects taught in schools across the island-nation, Mathematics is one subject that is taught in a very practical manner and with a hands-on-approach so that students' at all academic stages are able to develop a robust mathematical base.

For decades, schools have made sincere efforts to enhance mathematical skills of students by introducing one program after the other for all classes (K-12) till a perfect program was agreed upon that catered to the specific requirements of students. A primary mathematics syllabus was formulated for the first time in 1981 by CPDD (Curriculum Planning & Development Institute of Singapore).

The syllabus was restructured once in 1922 and in 1999, the Ministry of Education took a decision to abridge the curriculum's content with the objective of giving more flexibility and leeway to mathematics teachers to promulgate crucial initiatives. From 2001 onwards, critical reforms were introduced as far as teaching methodologies, assessment styles and learning methods were concerned. ICT (information and communication technology) was also introduced at all academic levels in an integrated manner.

The most sought after mathematics textbooks for nursery upto the upper secondary level have been made popular by one company-Singapore Math. Since 1997, the firm has been engaged in marketing and distributing mathematics books in Singapore. It has also collaborated with a network of publishers of mathematical books (Marshall Cavendish International and Star Publishing being the prominent ones) to supply textbooks to all stakeholders in the educational system. The following list details the top mathematics books for students and learners (from the kindergarten to the upper secondary stage)



'Earlybird Kindergarten A & B'-(It is a series of textbooks, activity books, and optional reading books)
'Essential Mathematics'- (This textbook is used by many parents as the principal mathematics book.

2.Classes I-VI

There are a series of text books for grades/classes I-VI and the series is named 'Primary Mathematics'. The main volume that covers the curriculum of the first six grades comprises a set of two books-a textbook and an activity book or workbook. The textbook is used in the class while the workbook is meant for home practice. The other books for classes I through VI are a range of supplementary/additional books that are not an integral part of the basic syllabus.

  • 1st grade students can begin with 'Primary Mathematics 1A and 1B'.
  • 1st-3rd grade students can use 'Primary Mathematics 1A-3B'
  • 4th-6th graders can do exercises from 'Primary Mathematics 4A-6B'
  • Students will also find the 'The Home Instructor's Guide' to be very helpful. There are two series or sets of books (Challenging Word Problems and Sprint) that are highly popular as well.
  • New Elementary Mathematics
  • Discovering Mathematics
  • Discovering Additional Mathematics
  • College Mathematics

3.Classes VII-X

4.Classes X-XII

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