Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Singapore

Singapore is known for its greenery, scenic beauty and cosmopolitan culture. Along with beautiful landscapes and skyline, Singapore is also known for its cleanliness and costliness.  If you are visiting Singapore, you can save money by following these tips:

1.Buy CEPAS/ EZ-Link Card
An EZ Link Card in Singapore is just like the Metro Railway Smart cards issued by the DMRC. This Link card costs $15 and has a credit amount worth of S$10. These link cards can be purchased from the MRT stations and also helps in saving a lot of time waiting in queues at ticket machines in MRT Stations. These EZ Link cards can be used in the MRT, LRT and public buses.

2.Stay away from guidebooks
Purchasing a guidebook in Singapore would be wasteful while visiting Singapore. The natives of Singapore are good at speaking and understanding English and this makes your life simpler as compared to other Asian countries. Since English is a commonly spoken language, one can ask for directions or can also rely on the information given by Google Maps or the maps supplied by the Tourist Office.

3.Try new food
While visiting Singapore one can find an incredible variety of cuisines, which also reflects the ethnic diversity of Singaporean culture. Singapore offers a variety of cuisines like Chinese, Malay and Indian. Singapore is also crowded with some of the best food courts and stalls.  These stalls offer delicious cuisines between as low as $4 and $6. These delicious cuisines are also the cynosure of tourists’ eyes.

4.Become tax savvy
“The Great Shopping Sale” is the ideal time to visit and shop in Singapore. This festive shopping season begins midyear and lasts for about a month. Shopaholics will love this midyear season of sale and this sale makes the vacation perfect for the shopping lovers. Orchard Road, Bugis Street, Centre Point, and The Heeren Shops are a few places in Singapore which are known for shopping. The Tax Free Shopping also offers a reimbursement of up to 3% on the goods and service taxes when shopping above $300.

5.Prefer tap water
A bottle of mineral water in minimarts costs S$2 while the tap water in Singapore is equally good. One can purchase a bottle of mineral water and then can refill it with the tap water.

6.Visit in groups
A visit to the zoo with a night safari with group tickets leads to a saving of $4.15 as the individual tickets costs more compared to the combined tickets.

7.Surfing is expensive
Surfing the internet in Singapore can prove to be very heavy on your pocket, since the Internet charges in Singapore are quite expensive as compared to the Internet speed and charges in Malaysia.

8.Follow the rules and avoid getting into trouble
Singapore is a beautiful place to visit but the people and government officials strictly adhere to the rules and regulations. Also the petty items like Marlboro Cigarette costs S$12 and drinking/boozing is even more costly and expensive.

In Singapore, the tourists can also enjoy the public art displays, public performers, and the street performers. These people perform on the riverside especially on the weekends.

10.Treat for the party lovers
If you love the booze parties, then most of the pubs in Singapore offer exciting discounts to the booze and party lovers and name it as the Happy Hours.

Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.

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