Top 10 wines of Singapore

Singapore is recognized as the hot destination of Asia for tourism and a growing economy. But, for the wine lovers, the place is an epitome of various wines from across the globe- manufactured locally or imported from different parts of Europe and the USA. Along with exotic places and fun destinations of Singapore, wines of Singapore must be tried out, especially if you have fascination for finer things in life Let us explore top 10 wines of Singapore. So, get ready and raise your glasses in a toast to the finest wines to be tastes in the island country.

Cabernet Sauvignon
This is basically a French wine, manufactured by crushing Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The fascinating red color of the wine will surely turn you on and the taste or the fragrance is truly delicious. This wine is widely available in Singapore and during the festive months, vendors sell it with a discounted price. You can try it out in the local pubs or restaurants of Singapore, with exquisitely prepared food pairings, like – Red meat or Lamb, grilled meat or chicken, rice or pastas, etc.

This wine is prepared from a dark skinned grape, namely Syrah or Shiraz, grows predominantly in Asia. Syrah is estimated as world’s 7th mostly produced grape and it is highly getting nurtured in Singapore these days. A fine quality red wine is derived from this type of grape, which is named after the name of the grape – Syrah. Syrah is a widely available wine in Singapore and mostly paired with dishes, like – pasta, lobster or other sea foods, roasted chicken, etc.

35° South Chardonnay
Chardonnay is a green skin grape variety, which is used for manufacturing 35° South Chardonnay white wine. Chardonnay is also used for preparing fine quality champagnes. This is yet another common wine in Singapore, which can be enjoyed with Tuna salad, Con salad, etc.

Blind Mice Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir is a popular French wine which is derived from black grapes. This wine is available in almost all wine outlets and pubs of Singapore. Freshly prepared Singaporean sea foods can be perfect pair for Blind Mice Pinot Noir red wine.

Coroa Godello
This one is basically a Spanish wine, popular throughout the world for its exquisite blend and fresh taste. This is basically a white wine, goes perfectly with spicy continental or sea foods or with fruit salads.

Achaval Ferrer Malbec
Fine quality red wine, available in a low price in Singapore! This is one of the common wines in Singapore, widely available and often praised for its exclusive taste and smell.

Merlot is a dark blue colored wine grape, from which exclusive ranges of Merlot wines are produced. When it comes to Merlot, Singapore is the best place for finding them.

Adobe Gewurztraminer
Gewurztraminer is an aromatic wine grape and generally grows in cooler places. In Asia such grapes grow naturally in Australia. Gewurztraminer is popular in Singapore and widely available, both in local shops as well as in online shops.

Akhasheni is a natural semi-sweet red wine, popular in Singapore, hence available throughout the city shops. Salad or pasta can be the best pairs to be tasted with this wine.

Alazani is a popular wine in Singapore, which is named after the Alazani River. Spiced up red meat preparations are mostly suitable with this wine.

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