Top Crazy Laws of Singapore

1.Bungee jumping is illegal
There were lots of such restrictions in Singapore once upon a time, but the lawmakers of the Island state are revising these laws to encourage tourism.

2. Cigarettes are illegal at all public places
Smoking is illegal at public places and it is reinforced strictly. So, beware of smoking in Singapore especially outside the designated "smoking areas".

3. Don't cross the road unless there is pedestrian crossing marker
It is illegal in Singapore to cross the street within 50mt of a pedestrian crossing marker. The intent of this law is to make people cross only on marked pedestrian way.

4.Littering is illegal
Singapore has zero tolerance for littering.  Right from its independence, a litter law is in place, according to which dropping garbage on the ground leads you to pay a penalty of 1000 Singapore dollars.  If, someone is found convicted of littering three times, then he would be forced to do community labor with a sign, "I am a litter lout."

5. It is illegal to pee in an elevator
Sounds weird, but true!  Though it is common sense, but in this nanny state, pissing in the elevator is "declared" as illegal and a punishable offense.

6. The sale of gum is prohibited
In Singapore, chewing gum is completely prohibited for sale.  The law was enacted, when chewing gum was found stuck in the public places such as subway stations and cars.  Though, the sale of chewing gums is banned, you are allowed to chew it. However, you are not allowed to stick it anywhere except the trash bins.  If you're caught, you have to pay a heavy penalty.

7. Zero tolerance for homosexuals
Singapore has zero tolerance for homosexuals.  According to the law, anybody found engaged in the practice of unnatural intercourse with any man, woman or animal, he would get life imprisonment or can be penalized with fine and up to 10 years' imprisonment.

Any public display of indecency between two males is liable to get a punishment with imprisonment up to two years.

8. Pornography and oral sex are illegal
In Singapore, oral sex is illegal, if it is not an activity that is performed as foreplay.  Pornography is also illegal and anybody found to be involved in selling, circulating, distributing or publicly exhibiting pornography in the digital or print format, is likely to attract up to three months imprisonment.  Sometimes, it may also accompany a fine.

9.  No public gatherings after 10 PM
A gathering of more than two persons is illegal in Singapore, after 10 o'clock in the evening.  It is strictly implemented by the cops, and if any friends are found to be hanging around, the cops check their ID cards before letting them go with a warning.  If you are a minor, you would be escorted to your home in a police car. 

10. Hooking your laptop or mobile onto unsecured Wi-Fi spot.
Many people are found to be in a habit of hooking onto their neighbors' unsecured wireless Internet connections, but this habit of yours would lead you into trouble if you are in Singapore.  It is a punishable offense and calls for up to three years' imprisonment.  Sometimes, probation sentence along with community services is also given as a punishment.

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