Top Mobile Service Providers in Singapore

Top 10 telecomm companies in Singapore

  • 1.SingTel, (Mobile-wireless, Optical Fiber)
  • 2.M1, (Optical Fiber, ADSL, Cable, Mobile-wireless)
  • 3.StarHub, (Cable, Optical Fiber)
  • 4.MyRepublic, (Optical Fiber)
  • 5.ViewQwest.(Optical Fiber)
  • 6.SuperInternet, (ISP)
  • 7.ZoneTEL, (ISP)
  • 8.Pacific Internet, (ISP)
  • 9.Pacnet, (ADSL, Cable)
  • 10.Nucleus Connect (Optical Fiber)

Out of these 10, the leading mobile service providers are SingTel, M1, and StarHub.

1. SingTel
It is a leading mobile service provider in Singapore, which provides a wide array of solutions regarding infocom technology and multimedia. It provides many services, including broadband data, voice and video services comprising of both wireless platforms and fixed lines.

SingTel provides its services in Singapore and Australia. SingTel has been instrumental in the development of Singapore and has been operating here for the past 130 years. Obviously, it is one of the leading telecomm champions operating in the island state, which is responsible for shaping local digital market and the telecom enterprise market.

It has its presence in Australia, with the brand name Optus, which is also a leading operator specializing in integrated telecom solutions. Optus has been constantly launching innovative products and services. Apart from Australia, SingTel has its presence in many other countries, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and many African countries. It has served around 470 million mobile customers globally.

2. M1
Singapore's leading telecom service provider M1, serves around 2 million customers in the island state. Its corporate mission is to connect everyone on 24 x 7, and serve them through enhanced customer service, network quality and innovation. It has many licenses, including Internet access, facilities and service-based operator license and telecom dealer’s class license.

It offers 4G, 3G and 2G high-speed networks comprising of voice, data and value-added services. It has many customized wireless broadband packages, based on data bundle and access speed. It provides a lightning fast Internet speed of up to 75 Mbps(downlink) and 37.5 Mbps(uplink) through its 4G networks.

It also provides competitive international call services, including both fixed line and mobile calls. It also provides Direct Dial and calling card services, making international calls cheaper. It also provides many combined broadband service plans in which voice and data services are bundled. Through its broadband services it provides an Internet speed of up to 1Gbps.

3. Starhub
Starhub was launched in the year 2000 and it has achieved many milestones since then. It is also a leading infocom solutions company of Singapore, which offers bundle of services comprising of communications, information and entertainment, for both individual and corporate customers. It also runs mobile networks with 2G, 3G and 4G services. It also has a multichannel paid TV service that provides bundled services of Internet TV, high-definition TV and on-demand services.

Starhub also runs ultrahigh speed broadband services covering the residential areas. It also runs fixed business network comprising of all the data and voice services. Recently it has launched, Singapore's first next generation fiber-based broadband network covering the entire nation. It also provides wholesale services, which can be availed by third-party operators. It also provides a wide range of broadband plans for domestic and business use.

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