Top Ten Unexplored Destinations in Singapore

The multi- cultured country of Singapore is a bustling tourist destination all around the year. There are many unexplored locations in Singapore that gets missed out on tourists trips either due to lack of time or because not many tourists are aware of these locations. The unexplored locations of Singapore are often soothing as they are less crowded and are a pure reflection on the culture and traditions of the country in its pristine form. A visit these locations prove to the average tourist that there is more to Singapore than just shopping and enjoying regular tourist activities.

1.Jurong Bird ParkThe Jurong Bird Park was opened in 1971 and today it is a 20.2 hectre hillside habitat for more than 8,000 birds from 600 species. Owing to their efforts in conservation and exhibition of birds in their natural habitat, the Jurong Bird Park has created stimulating naturalistic settings like grasslands of Africa and the rainforests of South America for the birds to reside in undisturbed wilderness.

2.Chinese and Japanese Gardens The Chinese and Japanese Gardens are located on two islands on Jurong Lake and they are joined by the elegant ‘Bridge of Double Beauty’. Both the gardens feature exquisite traditional Chinese and Japanese landscape architecture in the style Imperial gardens and integrated brightly colored buildings.

3.Sungei Buloh Wetlands The Sungei Buloh Wetlands is the perfect location to indulge yourself in the flora and fauna of the Mangrove swamp floor. Here, the tranquility and peace of the mangrove habitat is at your disposal and you can take peaceful and romantic bush walks with your partner or even indulge in bird watching.

4.Katong Katong is a tourist destination for all those interested in culture and are ready to awaken the field anthropologist in themselves. The area houses many ethnic Chinese style shop- houses and ancient Hindu Temples, which create the atmosphere of an eclectic fusion of local culture and customs. The local food shops in this area treat its patrons to a gastronomic experience of traditional cuisines cooked in the local methods.

5.Pulau Ubin On the Northeast coast of Singapore lays the Pulau Ubin. A trip Pulau Ubin is a plunge into the rustic ambience of rural life of Singapore. Not only is this place ideal for peaceful walks on pathways through tropical trees but also perfect for adventure junkies seeking adrenaline rush in water sports.

6.The Esplanade In this durian- like building one can enjoy many music, art and drama performances that are performed throughout the week. After a stunning show you can also walk along the waterfront area, enjoy the night view and contemplate the aesthetics of art.

7.Geylang Though it is a red-light district, the Geylang is a well-known area for its strict rules and cleanliness. Tourists are always amazed by its open and yet respectful atmosphere. There are many local fruit stalls lined along the roads in this area you can munch on the durians that you have picked along the way while taking a walk through one of the cleanest streets in Singapore.

8.China Town China Town is an amazing place to explore restored shop-houses that sell elegant jade Buddha’s, textile and Chinese herbs. Night walks in Chinatown is the ideal activity for honeymooners.

9.Emerald Hills Located off the Orchard Road, the Emerald Hills is a place covered with restored pre-war houses. It is an amazing place to enjoy night life and wine tasting.

10.Sister Island Comprising of two islands, the Sister Island is a great place for camping and snorkeling.

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