Top 10 websites in Singapore

Talking about Internet services and broadband connectivity, it is readily available in Singapore and the usage rate is also very high (close to 78%). There are almost 4 million Internet subscribers in the country out of nearly 5 million residents. Singaporeans are basically reticent by nature and like to keep to themselves. They prefer watching movies on YouTube, they have a predisposition for blogging (Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut, and LiveJournal), and like uploading music or video files (again via YouTube, Twitter comes a close second).

One interesting fact to note is that despite Singapore having the highest density or proportion of ethnic Chinese population vis-a-vis the rest of the world, the usage rate of Chinese websites is correspondingly lower on a worldwide basis. Another piece of information that Singaporeans would be glad to know is that websites dedicated to sports, general news, and shopping have more hits (and hence more traffic) than sites devoted to pornography and sleaze.

Top Ten Websites in Singapore

Since people’s tastes and preferences are changing faster than the strides being made in the virtual world (i.e. the Internet), it follows that the top ten websites ranks in terms of viewing popularity, is always in a state of flux.

According to Alexa Internet, Inc-a portal owned by the multinational e-commerce company, Amazon, the top ten popular sites in Singapore are:-

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo
  • Wikipedia
  • LinkedIn

Another site ranks DBS (the DBS Bank Ltd.) with Singapore Pools', Singnet, Sammyboy, Ebay, Streetdirectory, Hardwarezone, Channelnewsasia, and NUS breathing at its heels. This particular listing reflects the fact that Singaporeans are not only extremely money-minded but also know how to spend it intelligently. High sales of smart gadgets seem to testify that.

Yet another portal has the following rankings in terms of thematic (based on one’s area of interest) popularity:-

  • SammyBoyForum
  • Hardwarezone
  • HungryGoWhere
  • SGCarMart
  • PropertyGuru
  • Edupoll
  • Fridae
  • Cosycot
  • Shareinvestor
  • KiasuParents

Some top notch websites according to areas of interest

1. General News  If you want to keep yourself updated on everything that is happening in this world without having to flip the newspaper pages, you can get connected with Todayonline. You can pick up a print version of Todayonline owned by Mediacorp (Temasek Holdings) from any of the MRT stations but the online format is not only more engrossing and interactive but can be downloaded pretty fast. The website id is-

1. Shopping: If you’re looking for one stop online shop to buy anything from aerosol sprays to zippers and everything in between, you can count on and Both the sides have a global reputation for selling a wide assortment of items more cheaply than your neighbourhood store or outlet. You can also source many items without having to pay any shipping charges. If you’re a bargain hunter then you can log in at any of following two sites:- and

3. Socio-political blogs  : If you want to catch up on what the intelligentsia in Singapore think about the policies and programs of the ruling party in Singapore you can visit (formerly In this online forum, you’ll come across many controversial articles that are highly critical of the administrative policies not to be found in mainstream print or electronic media.  

4.Transportation: Irrespective of whether you’re a visitor in Singapore or a local, you’ll be better placed if you’re aware of the modes of transport available for getting from one place to another and even the fare. Imagine the convenience you’d have if you had complete information about bus stops, car parking sites together with fares for the entire city. While driving, you’d need help with street names and directions.

The following sites attract the most traffic-,, and

5.Dining and wining: Singapore has so many world class dining and wining hotspots that you’d be in a fix on which to choose for your grand feast. It’d be less of a trouble though if you could decide before venturing out. These two portals can help you to process your choice faster:- and

6.Everything commercial:  Are you thinking of taking your baby steps as a prospective entrepreneur? Are you looking for a good computer with serviceable hardware? Or, maybe you want to load the latest antivirus softwares? The following sites receive the most,

7.Real Estate: When it comes to dealing in property matters, the following sites are most,

Some popular forums

You can browse through the following sites for your sundry needs and requirements:-

Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.

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