Top 10 reasons why Singapore is the best place to work

Singapore is Asia's business hub and it is impacting the leading economies of the world.  As far as annual growth rate is concerned, it has even surpassed the Asian dragon China.  People, entrepreneurs and job seekers term it as "the land of opportunity".  Many investors are flocking to the island state, and some of them have already established their businesses in Singapore including Australian businessman Nathan Tinkler and cofounder of social media giant Facebook, Eduardo Saverin.

 Mr. Saverin is already the 8th richest person of Singapore.  Similarly, leading global brands are also expanding their businesses in Singapore.  The excellent business environment, weather, lifestyle and administration are the major reasons why talented executives and professionals are relocating to Singapore. 

The top 10 reasons why Singapore is emerging as the best place to work are as follows:

1.Vibrant economySingapore has emerged as a vibrant economy, despite global economic slowdown.  The major growth engines of the economy are consumer goods, trade, banking and financial services and manufacturing.  As far as per capita GDP is concerned, island state surpasses most of the developed countries.  It has shown steady growth the past few years.

2.City with a high standard of living As far as quality of life is concerned, Singapore ranks among the top countries not only in Asia, but across the globe also.  It ranks very high in terms of the key indicators of quality of life, including sustained economic growth, excellent law and order, security, equality and political stability.  Singapore is able to maintain its top position for the past many years.

3.Business friendly environmentThe clean administration, excellent infrastructure and very little corruption makes Singapore one of the best places to do business.  There are many factors which makes it a growing business hub, including the island state’s global trade links, investor friendly policies, vibrant economy, qualified professionals and excellent text structure.

4.Efficient legal systemSingapore is blessed with an excellent judicial system.  It has zero tolerance for corruption and crime.  That is the reason, businessman find it an excellent place to invest and do business without any bureaucratic hurdles and bribes to be paid.  Singapore has a very low crime rate and civil life is by a large safe and peaceful.

5.Advanced infrastructureSingapore is not only a city with high-rise buildings and excellent transportation systems, but it also boasts of a very advanced information and communication network.  It also has an excellent port, which ranks number two in the world in terms of volume of cargo handled.

6.Stable government As far as lack of political volatility is concerned, Singapore again ranks very high, as it enjoys a very stable political environment.  Investors love its clean bureaucratic system.

7.Word class professionals Singapore is a city with a high concentration of professional workforce.  The literacy and education level are also very high.  The credit goes to its strict visa policies.

8.Excellent taxation policies The tax structure in Singapore is very attractive with lots of tax relief and tax breaks, which attracts lots of investors and businessmen.

9.Investment friendly policiesSingapore encourages foreign direct investment and the government has enacted various investment friendly policies such as no restriction on foreign ownership etc.

10.A great lifestyle and entertainment facilitiesSingapore offers a great lifestyle and entertainment facilities, including excellent living conditions, transportation, cleanliness, shopping, unwinding and playing.  It is the city of recreation, sports, festivals, arts, food and shopping, which attracts both tourists and residents alike.  In fact, it is one of the best cities, which offers work life balance.

Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.

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