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Bus Services

The Bus Services in Singapore provides a very easy and cheap means of road transport for the public. SBS Transit and the SMRT Corporation are the two major companies providing transport facilities in Singapore, arranging about two million rides each day. Altogether there are almost 300 bus services plying through Singapore. The various bus services in Singapore can be categorized into the following routes:1. Short Trip: These routes operate short trips which provide services to the sectors of a whole trunk in high demand.

2. Feeder: These bus services in Singapore work inside a neighborhood and link the centre of the town with the surrounding areas.

3. Trunk: These routes connect the towns and are found all over Singapore.

4. Intra-Town and TownLink: These buses ply within a town connecting the different neighborhoods and linking them in turn to the MRT and town centre.

5. Express: Buses on these routes ply on expressways for a quick journey from town to town and stop at selected points.

6. Fast Forward: These are modified trunk routes which stop at selected points and move faster between high demanding places.

7. Jurong Industrial Service: Jurong and Tuas industrial belts are covered by these routes.

8. CityBuzz: Three special bus services comprised this service linking Little India, Chinatown, Orchard Road and Marina Centre and organized sightseeing for tourists.

9. NiteRider and Nite Owl: These bus services in Singapore are provided by the SMRT Buses and SBS Transit. On Fridays they provide services for after-hours, weekends and for publics on the eves of the holidays.

10. Parks: Buses in these routes cover the main parks to the nearest bus station where you can interchange the buses.

11. SMRT Link: These are free transport services to Little India, Dhoby Ghaut and China Town. 12. China Town Direct: Buses in these routes ply from the outskirts of the town to China Town using the highways.

13. Stadium Direct: Singapore Indoor Stadium is being linked by these bus services to the main towns at the end of major events.

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