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Trishaws in Singapore

The Trishaws in Singapore came into use in 1914. These were termed as "pedal rickshaws". In the first year about 15 trishaws started their services. Trishaw is also known as a cycle rickshaw, velotaxi, or a pedicab. It is driven manually by the driver like a cycle and has space to seat one or two people. The trishaw is an improvement on the hand-pulled rickshaws that required the driver to pull the rickshaw and run. These vehicles turned out to be larger and less manageable than rickshaws. So these were in no time sold out in Java. The Trishaws in Singapore came backing the later years of the 1920s. Driving trishaws proved to be a good option for occupation for the immigrants from China.

Trishaws were soon popular in Singapore and also to its adjacent places like Indonesia, & Vietnam. In some parts of Asia also it became popular. This easy-to-drive vehicle was of great use during World War II and also in the postwar period.The three-wheeled Trishaws had its evolution from the rickshaws. The Trishaw in Singapore has its seat at the trishaw rider's side. It is a bicycle linked to a shaded carriage. It is called "beca" or "lanca" in Indonesian language. In Japanese language it is called "rintaku" and its Chinese name is "san lun che". The trishaws are also popular around the Bugis Junction and the orchard Road. It is a convenient mode if you want to explore the streets leisurely and soak in the many different moods.

The dimensions of a Singaporean Trishaw are 1.9 m - from wheel in the front to wheel in the back; 1.36 m - from the left wheel in the back to the right wheel in the back. The weight of a trishaw is about 100 kg and it can carry a load of 200 kg. The carriage attached to the trishaw is made up of glass-fibre and the wheels are stainless steel made. The width of the seat is about 37 cm. A Singaporean Trishaw has headlights, a mirror at the side, indicator lights a bicycle ring and an electric horn.

A Singaporean Trishaw is very easy to manage.

The speed of the trishaw is controlled by the switch which is situated on the right handlebar. The trishaws of Singapore run on batteries. The trishaws also have got brakes to control the speed with a maximum limit of 20 km an hour. In order to get an essence of the lives of the Indians at Little India a trishaw ride of 45 minutes is a very good choice. The trishaws operate everyday from five o'clock onwards. The rate is S$ 36 for each head. The starting point is Bencoolen Link.

The Trishaws of Singapore are also the perfect means of transportation in order to have a captivating experience by the natural beauty of the Sentosa Island. The trishaws here operate each day from ten o'clock in the morning to ten o'clock at night with a rate of S$36 for one person. The starting point is the Trishaw Park. at Sentosa island. The time taken by the ride is 1hour and 10 minutes.

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