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Singapore Airlines

One of the largest operating fleet of flights all over the world, Singapore Airlines has evolved into one of the best service and hospitality oriented airlines of the world. Singapore Airlines is a brand now. Singapore operates a strong network of flights that spans over all the five continents. Hospitality at its best, Singapore Airlines greets its guests with a smile on the face and the attitude of service in the mind.

Complete with all the world-class state-of-the-art amenities and facilities, Singapore Airlines is a symbol of quality and ranks at the highest in the service parameters.

Continued improvement and progress in the industry have earned Singapore Airlines the desired name and fame among its customers, employees, share holders and all other stake holders.

Those who are associated in charge of the service and hospitality with Singapore Airlines accomplish their duties efficiently. Service and customers' satisfaction is their utmost motto. With Singapore Airlines, you will rediscover the romance of flying. Complete with all the flying luxuries that will give you an experience of home, Singapore Airlines is all set to let you experience luxury at a personal level. Singapore Airlines flights come with the best quality.

Singapore Airlines introduces all the next generation of cabin accessories and products that are solely designed give you the ultimate comfort and set new industry standards for premium air travel experience. Singapore Airlines Suites is a brand-in-itself air travel facility that will offer the ultimate luxury travel with your very own personal cabin. Singapore Airlines First Class is the New First Class air travel facility from Singapore Airlines that offers luxury and flying pleasure beyond your imagine. Singapore Airlines Business Class is another new Business Class flight option from Singapore Airlines, which is the most spacious class of air travel the flying industry has ever offered to its passengers. These come with the largest seat and bed all, over the world, in its class. The Singapore Airlines Economy Class comes with more space and eye catching intelligent features. These unique class of flights offer entertainment at its best possible level with the KrisWorld, which the greatest show on offer in the sky. This offers in-flight entertainment facilities; such as entertainment devices, games & applications, movies, music, PC and television programs.

Singapore Airlines has the following class of flying options;

First Class Flights:
This is a luxury class flight service that gives the experience of very best that offer the most comfortable, well-appointed lounge seat available all over the world. You will find sumptuous flying amenities not anywhere else. You will be served by the best class service by the cabin crew, with fine wines and personalized cuisine and throughout your journey you will be pampered with hospitality.

Business Class Flights:
The Business Class Flights offer the Business Class SpaceBed that gives you more freedom to work as well as to relax, and sleep. You will enjoy your privacy at its maximum and the personally catered service. You will be served bu specially selected news and entertainment options.

Economy Class Flights:
The Economy Class Flights is a way to judiciously spend your money while you fly to Singapore with Singapore Airlines. You will get the best return for your money. This flying option ensure the best style and comfort to fly to Singapore. You will enjoy greater personal space and privacy. This will also give you an option to stretch out in the lounging area and satisfy your need to socialize.

Fly with Singapore Airlines and enjoy the best you can get as a flying experience. Hospitality and service at the best, Singapore Airlines ensures the ultimate luxury and give a memorable flying experience that you will cherish for long.

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