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Travel Tips

Singapore offers its visitors and tourists much more than they imagine. Shopping sprees, exciting exciting nightlife, exotic food, adventurous wildlife tour and friendly people. As a traveler to a completely unknown international location, it becomes important for you to keep in mind a bunch of valuable tips to make your trip more comfortable and memorable. We, at Focus Singapore, want you to get the best out of your Singapore vacation. Consider the following tips for your travel to Singapore. With these tips in mind and your already stirred up excitement, Singapore travel will be no less than your dream vacation. We wish each of the moments you spend in Singapore be the best in your life.

Do the reservation of the room in the hotel well before time and when you are about to reach the hotel late, then do inform the managers of the hotels about your arrival and hence they can reserve the room for you instead of cancelling it.
posted on :2014-02-01

Mustafa shopping mall in Singapore never sleeps and operates all the time. You can find great bargains and discounts there. Electronic goods are available at cheaper rates.
posted on :2014-01-31

Do not chew gums, which are banned in Singapore and may get you arrested. Leave it home before you travel.
posted on :2014-01-30

While visiting Singapore Night Safari don't forget to carry umbrella and drinking water with you. Also cover your body with full clothes and shoes to save yourself from mosquitoes.
posted on :2014-01-29

Downtown mall has popular food outlets of Denki, a Japanese chain. Ask for discount on large purchase..
posted on :2014-01-28

Smoking in public is prohibited in Singapore and the law is well enforced. Cigarette are sold with a SDPC stamp and smokers using unstamped cigarette packs will be fined up to $500 for each pack.
posted on :2014-01-27

While traveling, keeping solid shampoo and toothpaste bar is a better option than using the liquid ones. You can find these on Internet.
posted on :2014-01-24

Do try these Singaporean cuisines - Beef rendang (coconut milk beef curry), Chilli crab (fresh crab with a piquant sauce, Char Kway Teow (thick rice noodles stir fried in soy sauce with vegetables, fish or meat....A mouth watering food.
posted on :2014-01-23

Singapore is located 1.5 degrees north of the Equator, so has a very sunny weather. Almost daily it has a rainfall so better to keep umbrella or rain coat with you.
posted on :2014-01-22

In Singapore do not touch someone's head. The head is considered sacred.
posted on :2014-01-21

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