Prospect for Finance Professionals in Singapore

Excellent prospects for finance professionals
If you are a finance professional, there is no dearth of jobs for you in Singapore.  The prospects of accountants, bankers, finance analysts and specialists are bright here.  According to prominent recruiters, hiring trend is going to be positive in the coming year for the finance professionals.  In fact, the economy of Singapore is showing a trend of growth, so it is good news for the entire business community.  The increasing demand for finance professionals is a strong indicator that businesses are in an optimistic mode.  Many businesses are seeking growth and productivity, but the existing global downturn was responsible for sluggish trend of hiring in the previous three years.  However, as soon as the global economic situation experiences some improvement, businesses are likely to hire more professionals to boost their capabilities.

Employee crunch
According to a report, many CFOs in Singapore are apprehensive about possible attrition of finance and accounting professionals this year.  A majority of top financial executives were concerned that their top performers may switch to other jobs.  The Singapore economy has a promising outlook and increased confidence in the market indicates that the employee turnover is going to increase.  With more and more companies prospering and expanding, they are planning to recruit the best finance professionals to streamline their operations.  With such a comprehensive growth around the corner, it would be a challenge for the corporate world to hire and retain the best talent.

Increasing headcounts
However, it is good news for job seekers, especially finance professionals.  They have bright prospects ahead, as vacancies for a diverse range of professionals will soon be announced and professionals with all types of qualifications and experience such as information technology, manufacturing, marketing, sales, office administration and secretarial fields, will soon be in great demand.  Though, there has been a strong demand for finance professionals for the past two years, 2014 is going to be a very promising year.  According to a report, most of the companies are interested in maintaining or increasing their headcounts for finance and accounting functions. Banking sector is also bullish.

Come and settle in Singapore
This is good news for foreign professionals too, who have some difficulties in their native countries.  Singapore is offering you a lifetime opportunity to come, settle down and become rich.  Singapore doesn’t discriminate against immigrant workers as some advanced nations do.  On the contrary, the government of Singapore is quite supportive for foreign immigrants.  In Singapore, you can easily get a social visit pass or the work permit.  Visit visa in Singapore is normally for 30 days and can be extended to another 30 days, if required.  Singapore is generally considered to be a highly paid country, so the average salaries in Singapore are far higher than the ones in other countries.

Abundance of jobs
With majority of the companies looking for additional workforce, especially for finance, accounting and banking operations, it is the best time ever to migrate to Singapore to work as a finance professional.  The rewards of working at Singapore far outweigh its downsides.  Most of the finance professionals get a much higher package in Singapore as compared to their native countries, especially if they are talented and are willing to work hard.  Singapore companies are in dire need of hard-working professionals, who do not care about working hours, etc.

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