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Scholarships in Singapore

Like any other nation of the world special scholarships are allotted in Singapore for students to encourage higher education in them. The students who meet the criteria required for receiving the scholarships can apply for the one's that suits their career interests. There are some special scholarships for the students in need of financial assistance and for those with exceptionally good academic background. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about scholarships in Singapore.

The diploma holders and the undergraduates can apply for the PUB Scholarship scheme in Singapore. The scholarship is open for the citizens of Singapore with incredible GCE "O" and "A" Level results. The CCA record has also to be noteworthy. Applicants may choose to study in any of the local university in Singapore or at any of the renowned foreign university.
A*Star's National Science Scholarship (NSS) was first started on July 2001. It funds a joint program of undergraduate and also graduate studies.
The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore manages the Joint Postgraduate Maritime Scholarship Scheme (JMSS). It is a scholarship that concentrates on upgrading the expertise of employees in local maritime related companies for their betterment.

The government of Singapore is promoting and developing the education system of the country in order to make Singapore a seat of learning in Asia. Among the recent introductions that have been introduced in the Singapore education system, opening branches of international universities is the primary. With an increasing number of foreign students applications in the colleges and universities of Singapore, scholarships and aids for supporting the education expenditure of students have become very important. If you are aspiring to study in Singaporean higher education institutes, here is a list of scholarships or grants awarded by the colleges and universities.

Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship – The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the federal government of Singapore set up this scholarship. Under this program, more than 700 scholarships are given to talented students, especially those studying in community colleges, students who are disabled or are enrolled in two – year institutions. The amount of the scholarship is up to $ 5,000 every year.

David L Boren Scholarship – This too is a federal government grant awarded to deserving candidates at the undergraduate and graduate levels of study. This is a competitive basis scholarship as opposed to a need based one, which means that students must satisfy the minimum academic grades criteria before applying to the scholarship. Up to $ 20,000 each year is awarded to the deserving students.

The Singapore Millennium Foundation Scholarship – International students in Singapore pursuing post doctorate studies and post graduation research programs are entitled to apply to this private scholarship program. The scholarship amount depends on the type of research work pursued by the students and their academic scores in graduation level examinations. An amount up to $ 60,000 is offered each year.

Nanyang Technology University and National University of Singapore Scholarship – Both universities offer scholarship amounting up to $ 6,000 to international students pursuing graduation or post graduation in engineering. The applicants to this scholarship must possess excellent records throughout their academic career and must produce a duly signed letter stating the reason for choosing a particular course and institute in Singapore. All applicants must enroll at either of the two universities of Singapore.

Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship – These are private grants awarded to an international student with good academic record studying graduation or post graduation in Singapore.

China Medical Board Fellowship – This financial assistance is awarded by the National University of Singapore to students pursuing graduation. School board examination performance is the eligibility criteria for applying to the fellowship program.

Lee Kuan Yew Post Doctoral Fellowship – Set up in the year 1991, this fellowship is awarded to students who have completed their Ph.D in the fields of science, engineering or medicine. Before application to this scholarship program, the authority will check the knowledge and the interest of the candidate in the subject opted for post doctorate studies. An amount of S$ 180,000 is offered every year by the Lee Kuan Yew Endowment Fund.

Neptune Orient Lines Fellowship – The NOLF fellowship program was an initiative of the National University Singapore and the Neptune Orient Lines Limited. The grant is awarded to postgraduate students who are interested to conduct research in the fields of cargo, supply chain, global transportation and logistics issues. Introduced in the year 2006, the NOLF scholarship is also used for funding various segments of study such as appointment of professors and lecturers, arrangement of conferences, research projects and lectures.

Temasek Research Fellowship – The TRF scheme is used to fund the education of Ph.D degree students who want to conduct post doctoral research in the fields of science and technology. The Temasek Research team funds study that uses modern technology and scientific means for the development of defense. The student applying for fellowship must pursue research in the National University Singapore or at the Temasek Laboratories.

Singapore National Research Foundation Fellowship (also known as the Singapore NRF Fellowship) – This grant too is aimed to benefit students who pursue post graduation research in the fields of science and technology. An amount of S$ 3 million is awarded every year to the deserving candidates who are selected on the basis of their academic performance in graduation. The scholarship amount is distributed to each candidate over a period of five years until the completion of research work. The candidate must be below 40 years of age and must hold a Ph.D degree.

NUS – Cambridge (UK) Dual University Assistant Professorship – This scholarship is aimed to benefit students of cross disciplinary research areas. The applicants to this fellowship program prepare for the posts of Assistant Director of Research in University of Cambridge, UK and Assistant Professor of National University of Singapore. Candidates for the scholarship are chosen after sitting for an interview with academics from both Cambridge and the NUS. Every candidate must participate in research discussions and a seminar as part of the selection process to avail the scholarship.

GIIS Junior College Scholarships at Singapore – The Global Indian Foundation sponsors grants for a period of two years for students of GIIS Singapore. An amount of S$ 66,000 is awarded each year as part of tuition cost, visa fees and boarding expenses. Medical benefits at subsidized rates are also set aside by the Global Indian Foundation as part of this scholarship program in Singapore. The applicant to this fellowship programs must have scored a minimum percentage of 85 in the class X board examination. This scholarship has been specially designed to benefit students from India in Singapore.

Singapore Government Scholarship (Open) – This fellowship is awarded to students of various subjects. The flexibility of the scholarship allows the students to pursue a career of their choice after completion of their course. While a maximum percentage of the scholarship fund is used to fund graduation studies in different Singaporean institutes, selected master’s level studies also fall under the purview of this program.

ASEAN Scholarships – Students who emerge successful in the Singapore – Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level examination are eligible to avail these scholarships. These are undergraduate scholarships that fund education in different institutes of Singapore like Singapore University of Technology and Design, Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore.

Students may even apply for Public Service Commission scholarshipsto enable the civil service jobs get a good share of the talents of the nation. This certainly meets the demands of the manpower needs in special areas. The other major scholarships awarded in Singapore are Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) scholarships, Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) scholarship and National Arts Council (NAC) scholarship.

Below is a list of institutions in Singapore that offer scholarships to local and international students in the respective programmes:

List of Institutions Offering Scholarships in Singapore
A* STAR Graduate Scholarship
Micron Scholarship
ASEAN Pre-University Scholarships
Ministry of Education, Teaching award
APEC Scholarship
ASEAN Graduate Scholarship
Nanyang Fellow Scholarship
Nanyang Scholarship
NTU- MBA Scholarship
Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce Foundation Business Scholarship
Donated Scholarships
NUS Undergraduate Scholarship
AEH-EARN Scholarships
SIM International Scholarship

Last Updated On:28th June 2012
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