China Town

The island of Singapore lies at the southernmost tip of the Malay Peninsula and is also known to be one of the smallest countries of Southeast Asia.

The sub districts that combine to form the China Town are the Bukit Pasoh, Telok Ayer, Kreta Ayer and the Tanjong Ayer.China Town is one of the most sought after destinations of Singapore. As is implied by its name it has made the best efforts to preserve the cultural elements of the Chinese community. In Chinese it is also known by the name of Niu Che Shui and it means "bullock carts water".

The reason for China Town getting such a name is that in the early years the residents dependent solely on the bullock carts for water transportation and this name is still in use.

The architecture of the shop houses of this place as well as of the streets are reminiscent of the Victorian as well as the baroque architecture Majority of the area of the China Town have been adjudged to be sites of National heritage and have been undertaken by the Urban Development Authority.

Hotels In China Town Of Singapore
Situated on the twenty third storey of a public housing block, the Sentosa View Hostel may not be very big in size but is certainly neat and tidy. The area is quite convenient as it would take you ten minutes on foot to reach China Town. One can even avail of a short bus trip. The living room is fully equipped with a television set and pc for the guests to entertain themselves while in the hotel. The morning meal is also provided in the room.

Wink Hostel is found at 8A Mosque Street. It has extremely luxurious facilities including beds that are custom designed and provid comfort to the guests. The major advantage is that one can reach the railway station by walking for a mere three minutes. The pods charges per night are $ 50.

Some posh hotels are the Scarlet on Erskine Road and the Club. The Club has a freshly painted white washed building dating back to the 1900s. If you want to blow up big bucks the Amar Hotel welcomes you with its individual shopping complex.

If you wish to economize on food then Maxwell Centre and Smith Street have some good food stalls at cheap prices. Most of the food items cost less than $5 but if you wish to have sea food then one must be prepared to spend a little more. It should be kept in mind that the shops on Smith Street are there to serve dinner but the stalls on Maxwell Centre are open round the clock.

Ah Balling Peanut Soup is the delight of the customers. The Chinese peanut soup including rice balls, peanut, red bean paste and yam leave your craving for more at 50 cents per bowl. Erich’s Wuerstelstand is a German sausage stand sold with mustand and sauerkraut which cost $3.

Mode of Conveyance in China Town of Singapore
Transportation is a very important factor no matter which part of the world you may happen to be in. There are many buses which serve the general public in China Town of Singapore. There is a bus station called New Bridge Road Bus Terminal. The China Town MRT Station is located on the North East Line. The centre of the Pagoda Street is cut off from traffic.

Other Attractions
You can enjoy yourself immensely by strolling through the parks or browsing the markets and shopping malls in China Town of Singapore. Smith Street has the famous China Town Complex. There are many stores, a food center and a wet market selling goods.
Trengganu Street is a cool place to frequent because of the unique pedestrian mall. The tourists would be flanked by shops and stores on both sides. As evening sets in, the night market becomes active with daylight fading out.
The Teo Hong Road houses shops and stores with three stories or floors. They remain shoppers’ paradise. People’s Park Complex has lots of shops selling clothes, ornaments and electronic goods. There are many message parlors too. China Town Point is a shopping complex that sells handicrafts.

The tourist sites that have added to the uniqueness of the China Town are the: Majestic Theatre
Masjid Al Abrar
Ma Cho Po
Srimariamman temple Chinatown
Tian Hock Keng temple
Nagore Durghar shrine
The Southern hotel
Tong Chai Medical Institution
Maxwell market
Hong Lim Green Chinatown
Jinrikisha Station Chinatown
Wak Hai Cheng Bio Temple Chinatown

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