Singapore Fun Facts

Singapore is a bustling metropolis of the world. There are a lot of interesting and fun things about the country, which is incidentally among the twenty smallest countries on earth. Here are some fun facts about Singapore.

North America is 15,000 times bigger than Singapore. The country is that tiny. Still, Singapore has a great list of achievements. It has a huge forest cover, despite being one of the most urbanized countries in the world. What is more, the forest cover in the country is constantly on a rise. The Singaporeans and the government can sure give the world a lesson or two about conserving the environment.

Singapore is mostly a manmade country, which means that the forest cover and the waterfalls here are manmade. In the 1800s, almost the entire country was covered with forests. However, in the following years which were characterized by civilization, Singapore lost 90% of its forest land. Now, owing to the efforts of the government, its forest cover is significant for a country of its size.

In the Jurong National Park, Singaporeans have constructed 30 meter tall waterfall scenery, which is the highest manmade waterfall in the world. It is the only country in the world which has a night safari and the animals here are allowed to roam free. Singapore also has the biggest water fountain in the world located at Suntec City. The fountain cost a whopping $6 million dollars to build.

The rule book of Singapore weighs a ton. Well, not exactly, it might weigh a few grams less than a ton but that book certainly has the most number of rules in the world. You can either jailed or fined for every little thing. For example, if you are caught with a lot of bubble gums in your pocket, you are ether fined or jailed depending on your intention behind carrying those gums.

Secondly, if you do not flush the toilet, you are fined. If you litter the road, you need to clean the road on a Sunday. If you hug someone without their permission, you are fined. The list is almost endless…

Maximum numbers of Singaporeans have their birthdays in October. Any guesses why? This has been a matter of research for quite some time now!!

Singapore is not just the stopover junction for most number of aircrafts in the world. It is also a stopover for a huge number of migratory birds which fly during summers and winters. You must visit Jurong Bird Sanctuary to catch a glimpse of these beautiful birds.

Singaporeans are very fond of their coffee and drink by the gallon. You get some of the most delicious coffees in the world in Singapore. It’s got something to do with the way they make it. Although the drink is espresso, the coffee here has a very different yummy smooth delicious taste.

Despite being located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is probably more western than the western countries themselves. Everything here is in English, be it the signboards all over the country or the programs on the television. In fact, there is a standing joke here that there are probably more Asians in California than in Singapore!

The local hawker stands, which are actually street food vendors, are awesome. They sell all kinds of weird things, which you cannot resist eating. Chicken feet fry is a favorite here.

Singapore holds quite a few world records. For instance, the longest domino chain, measuring 4.2 km was formed here by 9234 students. Singaporeans rose into the Guinness Book by playing the biggest ever passing-the-parcel game. The country also holds the record for most number of people taking part in line dancing.

For all their sophistication and ultra metropolitan culture, the Singaporeans are a set of very funny people.

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