Holland Village in Singapore

The Bohemian Village or the Holland Village is an escape from the hustle and bustle in Singapore with a casual atmosphere and culinary glorious reputation. A microcosm of Singapore, this small yet busy village is the perfect haunt for the expatriates here and the tourists too. A place one spends his entire day chilling alone or with friends, or by just listening to their favorite numbers played, Holland V as the localities refer it as a charming and cozy refuge making you feel at home always. Akin to free-spiritedness, this wonderful village has a charm of its own.

Yield information on Holland Village in Singapore from focussingapore.com. Named after a Singapore architect Hugh Holland, Holland Village in Singapore is a bustling commercial center situated near the Queenstown area of Singapore. The posh enclave conveys a mesmerizing blend of old and new flavor being a favorite weekend spot to the youngsters and the tourists. The place is strewed with coffee shops, restaurants and variety of shopping malls and complexes. The eateries are known for their mouth watering Chinese and Indian cuisines.
Holland Village Shopping Mall and Holland Road Shopping Center are the two major shopping areas of the city.

Holland Village is famous for its variety of Asian craft shops and antiques. The Downtown area of Holland Village in Singapore offers comfortable lodging with some cozy hotels and guesthouses. There are wide scope of entertainment from discs, cinemas to pubs and bars. Relax the weekend in the lush meadows of Holland Village shopping, dining and dancing the night way in the vibrant night clubs.

Cuisines of Holland Village

Cuisines of Holland Village are rich and diverse offering a blend of conventional and modern specialties that really tempt the taste buds.Some popular food outlets serving specialty Holland Vilage cuisines include Crystal Jade, The Coffee Bean, Burger King, BreadTalk, Indochine and Subway. Crystal Jade Kitchen outlet situated at Suntec City Mall offer mouth watering Chinese cuisines. BreadTalk attracts with its tempting bakery products from breads and cakes to buns and pastries. Burger King tantalizes with galore of fast foods, French fries, sandwiches, desserts and soft drinks.

History of the Village

In early times, this village area was occupied by nurseries and plantations. The Dutch were the first to settle in this area. The place was also named in honor of the early Dutch resident, Hugh Holland, who was also an amateur actor and a respected architect. Earlier just a tourist spot catering to the needs of foreigners, later this place became the habitat for the expatriates.


The colonial ambience of this village is sensed from the residential buildings and old shop houses. The street cobblers displaying their unexceptional work and the Chinese lanterns that hang from the ceilings of shops in colorful clusters add to the magnificence of this place. People loaded on cycles to Bentleys- all are observed in this cool hang out area. You even get to see friendsí group chilling out with an ice cold beer bottle in their hands. Live music is what brings all ears here.

A distinctive wind-mill is an attraction of this place that is at the top of the Holland V Shopping Mall.

The Holland Village Emblem is a mark of the strong European influence that prevailed here.

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