National Symbols of Singapore

Regarding the National Symbols of Singapore it could be said that the two symbols of Singapore are the National Flag and the Coat of Arms of Singapore.

The committee that was led by the then Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Dr. Toh Chin Chye laid down the plan in the sense that it decided on the pattern, design and the color of the Flag of Singapore The committee worked towards it accordingly and on the 3rd December, in the year 1959 the National Flag of Singapore was unveiled for the common mass and this day is considered to be one of the most important days in the History of Singapore.

However it got adopted as the National Flag of Singapore in the year 1965. It features two horizontal stripes, the top portion is red in color and the bottom portion is white. The red horizontal half has been bedecked with a crescent moon and five stars that form a circle.

The red color stands for universal brotherhood and equality of man and white stands for virtue. The five stars signifies the five ideals which are justice, peace, equality, democracy and progress and the crescent moon represent a young nation that is on a rise.

Singapore National Flag The National Coat of Arms was also introduced to the common mass in the year 1959 on 3rd December. It features a shield that has been graced with a crescent moon and five pointed stars that have been designed against a red backdrop. The significance of the red color as well as the crescent moon and the stars are similar to as mentioned above for the National Flag of Singapore. The lion on the left side of the shield and the tiger on the right side of the shield hold up the shield. The tiger reminds the nation of its links with Malaysia and the lion stands for the characteristics of Singapore, such as courage and strength.

The nations; motto 'Majulah Singapura' has been etched on the banner placed underneath the shield.

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