Pets in Singapore

It is really interesting to go through a study of pets in Singapore as Singapore sounds bit different in its rules and regulations regarding keeping pets. Only one dog can be kept as pet in HDB flats in Singapore. The dog has to be selected from the approved breeds of dogs prescribed by Singapore and those are basically small breed ones. If one decides to take his or her pet out of Singapore or tries to bring the pet in Singapore, then, the owner of the pet has to produce certain documents like health certificate issued by a recognized veterinary, pet passport, parasite treatment proof, vaccination proofs

to get the permit and all these should be accompanied by ISO Standard Microchip.
Singapore Veterinary Authority wants to be very sure that the pets in Singapore are healthy and so there is no chance of spreading infection among other animals. All these restrictions are followed to keep rabies under control. According to the Singapore pet laws, wild animals are not allowed as pets. People cannot even keep imported animals like snakes as pets in Singapore. Interestingly, the list of Singapore pets does not include cats. In order to know more about pets in Singapore, browse through the following links:

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