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Education Ministry of Singapore

The Ministry of Education of Singapore is a part of the Government of Singapore. The Ministry of Education is entrusted with the duty of formulating and implementing policies regarding the education system in Singapore. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about Ministry of Education of Singapore.

The Ministry of Education manages the education system in Singapore and also directs the education policies implemented for the development of the prevailing educational system of the nation.

The ministry of education controls and takes care of the development and administration of the public schools in Singapore. The public schools in Singapore receive government funds and also have an advisory board to take care of the regular affairs of the school. The schools meant for children with disabilities are run by the Voluntary Welfare Organizations.

These organizations in return receive partial government funding. The government of Singapore spends twenty percent of the annual national budget for educational purposes. The Compulsory Education Act passed in the year 2000 states compulsory education for all the children under the elementary school age and is regarded as a criminal offence if parents fail to get their children admitted to the schools. Tharman Shanmugaratnam is the present Minister of Education in Singapore.
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