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The Singaporeans have always been fashion conscious and up-to-date on the current and ruling styles and trends. But nowadays they have become very brand conscious and brand names and labels have gained a lot more importance in Singapore Fashion.
The fashion industry is constantly acquiring new successes with every passing day. The exotic prints and bold colours used by the fashion designers in Singapore are in great demand all over the world. Moreover Singapore has outlets of the top international brands of the world like Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Paul Smith, Valentino, Gucci, Prada, Donna Karan, Dolce & Gabanna, Gianni Versace, Prada, Marks & Spencer, Trussardi and many more.

Singapore fashion is at its peak during the festive months when fashion seems to be the main priority among the young generation of the nation.

Fashion does not revolve around trends solely.  It is all about looking the best by maintaining a balance between the trends and your unique style. And Singapore fashionistas ensure to embody this idea when it comes to designing. It is true that Singapore may not hold the same popularity as the fashion powerhouses of New York, Milan or Paris, but

then the city is home to talented designers like Ashley Isham, Jonathan Seow, Jo Sho, and Keith Png. From animal motifs to pastel shades, Singapore is known for its fashion trends.

For hottest trends, you can always count on Singapore Audi Fashion Festival. The festival usually starts from April or May and is considered to be a unique platform for local designers interested in showcasing their creations. The autumn and winter collections from Antonio Berardi and Missoni are something that you should not miss out. Besides, Curiocity Gallery, Tekka Centre, Mothercare and House of Japan are some of the places where you can look for fashionable clothes.

With the fashion trend ever fluctuating, this season Singapore has come up with some pretty trends including:

Pastel Shades
Pastel shades and desert colors are in this year. Feminine and amiable, the pastel shades are best suited for summers. Smart Silhouettes get along well with the pastel shades. For a fresh look, you can even go in for fabrics that come with a mix and match of soft and bold pastel shades.

Head to Toe Print Motifs
It is true that on the first glance, this may sound a bit daunting, but then fashion is all about experimenting with styles. With clashing prints head to toe, this would certainly add to your carefree look. Fabrics with mixed patches of same print but different colors and sizes are in vogue. If you are looking for a single print, then prefer going in for loud ones.

Often leather is not the first thing that comes to our mind, particularly when considering summer trends. But then, this season Singaporean fashion largely concentrates on leathers. Singaporean men and women are in love with leather t-shirts and the fashion designers ensure reinventing the same trend in a unique style every year. Besides leather T-shirts, grace ankle-grazing leather skirts are also in. You will also come by designs featuring leather panels. On the other hand, if its glamour that you are looking for, then you can choose the Balmain way. Rich floral brocades appliquéd in gold on leather fabrics is something that you are sure to fall for.

The Twenties style is back in action
Remember the movie "The Great Gatsby"? Well, fashion in Singapore is hit by the twenties fever of late. Known for its marvelous decadent, you can expect some fashionable trends straightway from the twentieth century. Fashionistas have experimented with loose shapes teamed up with midi hemlines. The "drop waist flapper apparel" of the twenties has been given a new look by experimenting them with silky separates.

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Animal Motifs
Snake prints, twittering sparrows, and safari animals are only a glimpse of animal motifs  this season. Woodland creatures like bunnies and squirrels are the main theme this year. Now, some may consider these motifs to be pretty childish. Hence, designers have experimented with these motifs by choosing smaller motifs in fabrics so as to give them a feminine touch.

Fashion is as important to Singaporean men as it is to women. Singaporean men prefer combining styles to come up with a new look that gets along with their corporate and leisure look. You will rarely find a Singaporean man dressed in old jeans and plain T-shirt. Usually, they devote a lot of time deciding what to wear; this trend is particularly common in university students. When it comes to hairstyle, Singaporean men have an eye for the tousled hairstyle.   The exquisite collections churned out by the fashion designers delight the crowd on the front fore of fashion. The Singapore Fashion Week and the Singapore Fashion Festival are the most popular shows in Singapore. It is a perfect platform for local and international designers. The latest collections of fashion designers are displayed in these shows and thus encourage new and young talents.

Here is a glimpse of the latest trends of the country and the best places where you can shop for them.

Singapore – the fusion of fashion
In keeping with the multicultural theme of the country, fashion in Singapore is a huge fusion of east, west, north and south. For example, while you can see a major influence of American street dressing, fashion here is not without a dash of Japanese dressing style. The good thing about Singapore is that everything is accepted here. Further, since Indians, Malays, Chinese and Singaporeans coexist in the country, fashion tends to be a kaleidoscopic reflection of all these cultures.

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