Singapore Tour Packages

Singapore tour packages will be the best idea to take in case one wants to fully explore Singapore. For visiting the diverse trends of Singapore it is essential to first check out the places which are worth Singapore is a major tourist attraction, there are many travel agencies and packages available. Focus Singapore provides information on the interesting tour packages available for you.

Visiting Singapore is incomplete till you visit the Sentosa Island. The Sentosa Island consists of sun kissed beaches especially for the youngsters.

Tours to Singapore Sentosa Island contains a theme attraction, tropical resort, nature park and heritage centre. One can visit the underwater world and the Dolphin Lagoon, take a nature walk to watch peacocks, monkeys and squirrels. Fort Siloso an Mt Imbiah are places of historical interests. One can view Singapore from the Sentosa Luge & Skyride and also from the Merlion which is 37 metres tall.

Indulge yourself in the Spa Botanica, a luxurious five-star resort, or de-stress yourself at the Health Club & Spa. One can also take a Merlion Walk, a 120-metre-long Gaudi-inspired mosaic walkway lined with colourful mosiac water jets. The fun does not stop here. One can also stay back on the island and visit it fully.

The visit to the Jurong Bird Park where 9,000 colourful birds of 600 species will leave you spellbound with their variety, shapes and sizes. A new attraction of The African Wetlands with African huts and a body of water, houses endangered birds like the Shoebill, the African Crowned Crane, the Saddle-Billed Stork and more is amazing. The other attractions include Birds n Buddies Show, Birds of Prey Show, learn to Be-a-Falconer, having breakfast with the birds, Penguin Parade and many more.

For newly married people, Singapore could be an ideal honeymoon destination spending these days at the Botanical Garden, indulging in Spa Botannica, the beaches of Sentosa Island and at times ending the day

by dining at Equinox, Singapore's highest point. The Duck tours offer unique and different experience while visiting a new place. While on these duck tours one does not to change the mode of transport, once you have boarded the amphibious vehicle. All you have to do is sit, relax and enjoy the tour.

A City Tour of Singapore would take no more than a day and a half for one to feel the coexistence of the old and new elements as well as the mix of eastern and western cultures.

For some reason or the other one can even visit Singapore for a brief period whilst visiting some nearby Asian country such as Malaysia, Thailand en route.

It becomes a best and safe option to go on tour packages as they take you around the city and inform and educate you about the history of the place.You can always check out some of the other tour packages which deal in visit to special sections of Singapore.

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