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Transport Services in Singapore

Traveling in Singapore is a comfortable and hassle-free affair thanks to the well-maintained and efficient roads and railway services. The fact that these modes of transport are inexpensive makes traveling all the more pleasurable and stress-free. Singapore has the world's best award winning airport Changi International Airport that takes care of every small detail to ensure passengers an efficient, safe and comfortable journey.
The two terminals at the Singapore airport have the most hi-tech facilities, which include a Changi Skytrain that shuttles between the two terminals. Singapore's airport has 24-hour moneychangers, medical services and pharmacies, postal and telecommunication services and more. The airport has boutiques, salons and fitness centre.
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Singapore's taxi stands can be located outside shopping malls and hotels. Over 1,500 air-conditioned taxis are available in Singapore and they charge reasonable fares. However during peak hours extra charge will be added. You can hail a taxi easily in Singapore.
If you prefer taking the bus, so you needn't worry, as Singapore's bus network is extremely frequent and widespread. You can purchase a copy of the TransitLink Guide, which has a list of all bus and MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) services. Purchasing a TransitLink Card also makes sense, as it is a stored value card that can be used on both the MRT and bus.

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