Weddings in Singapore

Weddings are special occasions where the bride and bridegroom unite into one soul and from there on begins a new journey of their life. Wedding in Singapore is a grand affair celebrated with great fun and fervor.

The blessings of the families and the guests paves way for good luck and prosperity to enter into the life of the newly wedded couple. The vibrant and the bustling city of Singapore offer a majestic backdrop to the weddings conducted in Singapore. The weddings in Singapore offer a glimpse of the multi-cultural nation that can be best felt in the grand affairs.

Are you planning for an International destination wedding in Singapore? With city’s brimming diversity in flora, fauna and people, you can plan for a beautiful wedding on an island, by the lake, or on the beach.

Exceptional array of world class lineage hotels also offer extensive services and amiable milieu for you to plan your wedding in a foreign location.

Before you plan the wedding and book the tickets you need to know that your paper work is all in place and you have the permit from the country to get married there. For this you or your partner should be staying in Singapore for a period of at least 15 days prior to submitting a notice that you have intention to get married in Singapore to Registrar of Marriages and thereafter wait for a period of at least 21 days before tying the knot.

We understand you do not wish to spend your would-be children’s inheritance for guests to sit around and have some merry time. Thus here are few tips that will help you plan an exceptional wedding at foreign locale and yet make it in budget. Here’s how:


Given the number of beautiful locations and fine weather Singapore has, beach weddings could be a great choice to tie the knot and exchange vows. You not only save money in terms of electricity, temperature control system etc., but pay a very meager amount for the venue too. It is low cost venue with ample space and a romantic destination. Moreover, beach weddings lend a more informal feel to its setting and for the guests being invited. They can let their hair down and have some fun.

Singapore wedding Dress:

Wedding or D Day being the most awaited day in everyone’s life is only completed if you are wearing the attire which looks splendid. Singapore is a hub of fashion houses and offers some of the most affordable bridal wear offers. For brides, preferably white and pink is prioritized and for grooms, it’s white and black tuxedos. You may grab a good deal over the internet too.

Singapore also has shops and designer houses offering gowns and men’s wear on rent! After all, you got to wear your bridal dress just once.


Photographs are the most important thing as you would always want to secure your most memorable moments. So, try to slot in a photographer who is out of the academy, is looking for some experience and could add zeal and enthusiasm to the D day. In addition you can ask a relative or friend to do some clicking as well. With the scenic beauty Singapore lakes, beaches and other natural setting have to offer, even an amateur will be able to click some great shots.

Singapore Wedding planner:

Being from a foreign location or a local one, getting wed in Singapore could be quite tiresome with running from pole to pillar for arrangements. Best would be to hire a wedding planner in Singapore, tell them your budget and fix their commission prior hand so that everything is arranged for at ease without much running around.

Planning to get wed in Singapore could be a memorable experience with few tips and some local help.

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