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Jobs in Singapore

If you are planning to move to Singapore in 2013 for better job prospects, it would be a wise decision.  There is plethora of opportunities in Singapore for fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals.  According to the recent trends there is no job shortage in Singapore.

According to a report by Morgan McKinley, in the entire Asia-Pacific region, the job situation in Singapore is quite positive, though the economic crisis is taking a toll on employment opportunities in other parts of the world.  The report was based on a survey of hundreds of employers in the region.  According to other consultancies and investment services as well, Singapore is among the top rated economies of the world.

The growth rate of Singapore economy was amazingly high, at 10% in the year 2012, which is a jump of around 4% as compared to the growth rate of previous years.  Singapore is also considered to be a country with highest purchasing power in the region.  According to the ranking given by world economic forum, Singapore ranks second in terms of global competitiveness.

Why is Singapore emerging as a major South-east Asian trade and business hub? It is for a number of reasons:
  • The island country is located strategically on major sea lanes
  • The government is pro-investment
  • The research and development scenario is bright
  • Thousands of multinational companies have set up their units in Singapore
  • The population is industrious.

It is not surprising to note that Singapore has countered effectively the recessive trends and registered a national growth of 6% in Q4 while the major economies are faced with worst economic slowdown of all times.

The current job prospects and the most lucrative industries in Singapore

As far as, the hiring trends of 2012 are concerned, the bulk hiring was done for construction, administrative services, support services and manufacturing.  We would like to highlight an important trend--according to it, though Singapore's job market is flourishing for some sectors, still there are some specific careers, which are in high demand and these sectors are commerce & industry and financial services.

As far as financial services are concerned, Singapore is one of the top countries, as the market is highly regulated over there.  Singapore is on its way to become a private banking hub.  Furthermore, Singapore is being developed into a major trading center for precious metal, which would be at par with Zürich and London markets.

The fastest growing sectors and employment opportunities

According to the majority of hiring managers, there are strong indicators of a huge hiring spree in the next couple of months in 2013, in the financial services sector.  The majority of the new hires would be on permanent basis.  More than 75% of hiring managers are positive on the hiring trends in the next couple of years in Singapore. 

Commerce and industry is another sector, which has strong hiring trends.  According to Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, it is not just commerce and industry and financial sector, which have huge hiring indicators, there are couple of other industries as well, where people with specific skills are highly in demand and these sectors include healthcare, information communication, digital media, travel and tourism, and retail which are showing the signs of boom. 

The most sought after jobs in Singapore in 2013

So, engineers, quality analysts, chemists, surveyors, architectural experts, dietitians, nurses, lab technologists, diagnostic radiographers, therapists, doctors, digital media experts, digital marketing experts, web developers, scriptwriters, software architects, project managers, system analysts, programmers, gaming software producers, artists, designers, curators, art dealers, production managers, light and camera experts, sound experts, visuals and graphics experts, travel experts and tour planners are in great demand.

Good news for job seekers!

Among the most positive indicators, there is a common concern among the employers in Singapore, of an expected scarcity of skilled workers and professionals.  They expect a great competition inside the corporate sector to hire the best talent.  Certain visa restrictions may also trigger shortage of employees in a few sectors, which is good news for the job seekers.

Visualizing the vast opportunities for business development in this region, almost all bigwigs in the world business environment have opened up their regional headquarters and even corporate offices in Singapore. The location of the place is the biggest advantage for the development of business and trade in the country. The government of Singapore has taken every possible step to further enhance the prospects of foreign investment in the country. During 1959 to 1990, under Lee Kuan Yew's administration Singapore's unemployment problems were curbed, the standard of living was raised and a large-scale public housing program was implemented.

The face of Singapore completely changed during that period and it evolved into a global city with a first-world status towards the end of the twentieth century. The current government is making every effort to establish Singapore, as Southeast Asia's financial and high-tech hub.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) encourages foreign skilled workers to work in various job sectors in the country. It provides an EPEC or employment pass eligibility certificate on the basis of which a foreign professional may come to Singapore and look for suitable employment. Upon securing a job, the MOM issues a valid work permit or employment pass or S-Pass.

As Singapore is a global city, several business and employment opportunities are created to encourage more talent and investment into the island nation. Singapore has colleges and universities that are affiliated with some of the world renowned educational institutions of Europe and USA. Around 7,000 foreign MNCs and some 10,000 foreign Small and Medium Enterprises are located in Singapore and the island state has been accredited to providing the highest quality of life for expatriates in Asia. Finding employment in Singapore is easy with our online directory for jobs & careers in Singapore. For young graduates and entrepreneurs, Singapore offers scores of choices.

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