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Call Center Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is one of the sought after tourist destinations among people all over the world. But this should not make us think that the country is lagging behind in all other aspects. It is also a popular destination among the job seekers, be it fresh pass-outs or experienced people. There are ample jobs in the field of information technology, ITES and healthcare, to name a few. One of the lucrative job options in Singapore these days is the call center jobs that are available in different call centers located in Singapore.

Call Center Job Openings

There are several call center job openings in Singapore. What you need to do is simply check up with the various online job sites the list of available jobs and send your updated resume as soon as possible before these jobs run out of your hand.
  • Call Center Operator
  • Call Center Executive
  • Telephone Operator
  • Bank Telesales Consultant
  • Customer Service Officer
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Telesales Executives
  • Telemarketer

Call Centers in Singapore

If you are looking for an opening in the call centers in Singapore, then you can well apply in the companies mentioned below. Just have a look.

  • Eureka Call Centre Systems (S) Pte Ltd
  • The Call Centre Pte Ltd
  • Contact Centre Association of Singapore (CCAS)
  • Starwood Customer Contact Centre (AP) Pte Ltd
  • D-Link Service Center
  • Tele-Centre Services Pte Ltd
  • Axis Connect Management Pte Ltd
  • Knowledge-Age Asia Pte Ltd
  • D-Link Service Center
  • Tele-Centre Services Pte Ltd
  • Axis Connect Management Pte Ltd
  • Knowledge-Age Asia Pte Ltd
  • D-Link Service Center
  • Tele-Centre Services Pte Ltd
  • Axis Connect Management Pte Ltd
  • Knowledge-Age Asia Pte Ltd
  • eFusion
  • Core-M Integrated Marketing Solution Pte Ltd
  • Intercall Marketing Services Pte Ltd
  • Synapse Answering Service Pte Ltd
  • Accord Customer Care Solutions
  • One Force
  • COPC Asia Pacific Inc
  • Fixics Solutions
  • i-Contact Solutions Pte Ltd

Eligibility for Call Center Jobs

Though there is no specific academic attainments required to work as a customer service executive in a call center, an individual who wants to land up with a good call center job in Singapore offering a lucrative pay package should possess the following attributes.

  • Excellent command over English
  • Computer literacy
  • Good typing speed
  • Excellent listening and communication skills
  • Ability to understand the need of the customer
  • The ability to quickly enter and retrieve information from the database so as to avoid any delay in resolving customer queries or any other issues.

Call Center Jobs Training

Are you a fresher and want to grab one of the call center jobs in Singapore? In that case, you need to undergo a training program to make yourself suitable for the job. Sometimes, the training is provided by the company itself. There are also several institutions offering training for call center jobs. The training program usually includes:
  • Accent training
  • The etiquette of telesales
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Listening skill
  • Interaction skills
  • Management skills
  • Call center terminology
  • Customer relationship
Last Updated On:22/Mar/2013
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