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Popular TV shows in Singapore

Singaporeans happens to be a very lively bunch of people who’ve a joie de vivre for life and therefore believe in living life to the hilt. And they have good reasons to enjoy the unalloyed pleasures of life. The average Singaporean has enough to splurge on the goodies of life, earning a monthly income, which is the third highest in the world. And since most Singaporeans happen to be wanderlust, they’ve not only soaked up the all the pleasures that the city-nation has to offer but also have been to the weekend getaways around Singapore.

Most Singaporeans are TV addicts

Therefore you’d find the average Singaporean preparing to watch one of the Popular TV shows in Singapore after a hard day at work. Nobody will discount the fact that watching Television is a very popular pastime in Singapore as you’d find people of all age groups and from diverse backgrounds huddling before the TV set to watch their favorite show.

Most of the TV programmes and shows aired on the numerous channels happen to be serials and are aired on particular times of the day or night. Hence, someone who prefers to watch detective serials or movies would know when ‘Dexter or ‘Castle’ is aired. The same holds true for the kids who are aware when ‘The Simpsons’ or ‘SpongeBob’ will be shown.

Most popular TV shows in Singapore

Some of the TV shows that enjoy high popularity in Singapore are ‘The Unforgettable Memory’ which has been aired since long and is also the longest running series in Taiwan; ‘Grey’s Anatomy’-a series on the Grace Hospital; the ‘Friday Nights Light’-a show on a rural town in Texas; ‘The Amazing Race 14’-one of the most popular TV shows in Singapore; ‘Entertainment Tonight’ is a popular news program that has been running for the longest period of time.

‘Madame White Snake’ is another highly admired TV show that enjoys very high viewership ratings and the storyline revolves around a woman whose spirit is trapped inside the body of a snake and her lover who’s a human being. ‘Good Morning Singapore’ provides the perfect excuse for getting out of bed early and beginning your day in high spirits. ‘The Walking Dead’ is another televised series that can be rated as one of the best TV shows in Singapore that has been aired since 2010 and Rick Grimes is the central character who sets out an mission to save the earth from zombies.

Most watched TV shows in Singapore

Rating the best TV shows of Singapore can be a tall order and indeed an uphill task as it is a very subjective matter. What is good in someone’s opinion may not be good according to others. Therefore, one cannot draw up a list and declare that all the programs listed on that list are the most watched TV Shows in Singapore. So if someone finds ‘How I met your mother’ to be hilarious and fun to watch, others might label it as downright puerile. But there are, of course, some shows that are watched avidly by almost all Singaporeans. Some of these programs are ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘Homeland’, ‘Breaking Bad’ ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Modern Family’, ‘Revenge’, and ‘Fringe’. There are many others highly watched TV programs.

Other eagerly watched TV shows of Singapore

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other TV shows of Singapore that have been successful in retaining viewer interest. Some of these are ‘Sherlock’-the world famous sleuth and Dr. Watson coming together to solve crime mysteries in present day London-‘Bones’, ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘The Mentalist’, ‘Person of Interest’ and so on.

Some of the most popular shows in history of Singapore Television:

Grey 's Anatomy is one of the most popular TV shows in Singapore. This series has won many hearts in Singapore. Just experience a new crisis through this television show. The Grace Hospital is amidst one of the worst problems and see how the staff and patients get out of it. Lost is also a very famous TV show aired in Singapore. You can also watch out the TV shows like Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty in Singapore.

Madame White Snake is one of the most cherished TV shows of Singapore. This serial is a legendary folk tale which involves a spirit of a snake and her male lover who is human. This TV series has attained very high ratings of viewership in Singapore.

The Unforgettable Memory is the longest primetime series in the history of Taiwan . It has completed 526 episodes and has great viewership ratings. It also received remarkable critical response in other destinations .

Good Morning Singapore is one of the TV shows that makes your day just perfect . It is aired at 7 am and is the best tool to get out of bed and have the best breakfast company .

Friday Night Lights is a popular TV show aired in Singapore. It is about a rural town of Texas where the rings of football championship are considered as the highest regard.

Pangako sa 'Yo is a prime time TV series in Singapore. It stars Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa as the main characters. The show is about the love affair between Eduarado and Amor bur Benita , Eduarado 's mother is opposing the love relationship as Amor is a maid. The show is full of twists of turns. So simply check out this popular Singapore TV series.

The Amazing Race 14 is one of the most watched TV shows in Singapore. Entertainment Tonight is also a very popular TV show of Singapore. It claims to be the 'most watched entertainment news magazine in the world ' and is also the longest running news program.

Disclaimer: The data provided here is based on the facts and research using available sources. As the data is made available on "as is" basis and subject to change anytime. This website shall not be liable for any discrepancy found in the data on our site and actual figures.

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