Bintan Resorts in Singapore

The numerous tourist attractions in Singapore offer a rewarding unique experience to all its discerning travelers. If you are seeking for something more exciting and adventurous amid the bounty of nature then Bintan resorts in Singapore is a perfect destination for a family getaway. The travelers are cordially invited to come and fall in love with the captivating beauty of the Bintan resorts.

Situated at an hours drive from the bustling and vibrant city of Singapore lies on the enchanting Riau islands in Singapore.

The endless exotic beaches fringed with palm trees enhance the beauty of the land. The pristine blue water of the sea offers the discerning travelers a perfect backdrop to celebrate a tranquil holiday. The international class resorts offers its guests a wide collection of tropical holiday activities.

The rooms of the resorts are spacious and well equipped with modern facilities. The cozy and comfortable ambience of the rooms pampers the heart of the tired travelers. There are golf clubs for those willing to nurture their newly found sport qualities. The spas offer unique health and beauty treatments.

The incredible landscape beauty of the land draws the attention of the tourists and provides ample of opportunities for the tourists to explore the water sports activities. The extensive shopping facilities are the special attractions for the shopping lovers. The cultural artifacts, local delicacies and unique souvenir products are considered to be the best buys in the land of charming beauty. You may even savor on the wide variety of exquisite cuisine available in the local restaurants and hotels. The Bintan Elephant Park is a popular attraction of the place.

How to get around Bintan?

Shuttle bus service is always available between the leisure Village of Pasar Oleh Oleh and the resorts.  Ferries are also available at ferry terminal.  Car rental services are also very easy to find.

If you happen to get a day pass, you can get unlimited shuttle bus rides to and fro Bintan resorts.

Adventure and fun @ Bintan Resorts

For adventure lovers, Bintan resorts offer a lot of activities such as all terrain vehicle rides, which pass through the uneven and bumpy terrain of the forest.  You can also enjoy an ATV ride along the beach and experience the blow of fresh air.

At Bintan resorts, you can also engage in trekking to the peak, which is 350m high.  This area is surrounded by rainforest and trees are as high as 45m.  You can also find a rich wildlife here, including sun birds, kites, rare eagles, newly-hatched turtles and silver leaf monkeys.  You can also take an elephant ride at the Bintan Elephant Park.  You can also watch them in action, doing funny activities.

Relaxing spas

The spas at Bintan resorts offer amazing experience with pleasant aromas, soft music, tranquility and expert hands at work, which would drive the pain and stiffness out from every joint of your bones and muscles.  The magical ancient therapies are combined with western products and techniques to give you the relaxing and soothing experience.  It is the best way to unwind and experience the eternal calmness.  You can also go for a spa package that spans over several days and brings you a unique cultural experience every time.

Enjoy a luxurious stay at the beach-side resorts

You can spend a few days of vacation in Bintan resorts in the luxurious settings of hotels like Angsana Bintan.  With 106 rooms and spectacular balconies, this hotel is the perfect piece of bliss.  It offers many sea sports and adventure sports, exemplary dining facilities, lush green garden terraces and unimaginable sense of tranquility.

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