The Bukit Tima Nature Reserve in Singapore

The Bukit Tima Nature Reserve is Singapore's main eco-tourist destination.
The Bukit Tima Nature Reserve in Singapore is a small nature reserve measuring about 410 acres situated close by Singapore's geographic-center. The Bukit Tima Nature Reserve seats on the slopes of the Bukit Tima hill and it is only 12 kms away from Singapore's central business hub of Downtown Core. The Bukit Tima Nature Reserve is home to 500 fauna and 840 floral species. The Bukit Tima Nature Reserve is Singapore's one of the biggest stretches of rainforests.

History of the Bukit Tima Nature Reserve
The Government of the Straits Settlements in 1882 commissioned Nathaniel Cantley who was the superintendent of the Singapore's Botanic Gardens to make a report on the Straits Settlements' forests.

Numerous forest reserves were created over the next couple of years in Singapore on the recommendation of Cantley.In the year 1883, Bukit Timah, the first forest reserve in Singapore was established.All the forest reserves were cleared by 1937 owing to the pressure for the economic development of the country. Under the Singapore Botanic Garden's management, Bukit Timah and three other reserves were properly maintained for preserving Singapore's flora and fauna.The establishment of the Nature Reserves Board for administrating the reserves and the enactment of an ordinance on Nature Reserves in the year 1951 provided protection and care to the forest reserves measuring around 2800 hectares of land in total.

Recreational Facilities at the Bukit Tima Nature Reserve
The recreational facilities available at the Bukit Timah are running, hiking and strolling. There are special facilities, ensuring visitors to enjoy mountain-biking as well. A few people abseil and try out rock-climbing at Dairy Farm Quarry. The reserve is very popular among people learning the sport of mountain-climbing.

Flora and Fauna at the Bukit Tima Nature Reserve
Bukit Timah is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The common plants include the figs, macaranga and the rattan. Carpenter bees, millipedes and many different varieties of insects and birds are found in this popular reserve

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