Sky Dining in Singapore

Singapore is a favorite recreative destination that provides ample ways for people to amuse and entertain themselves. Singapore, a country of islets and distinct indentity of local regions, allows the multicultural, multivariety of entertainment to exist. People can choose from resorts, parks and cineplexes to bars and pubs to spend quality time and have a lot of fun.

Parks and resorts are aplenty in Singapore each offering a variety of rides and are set on different themes. 'Night Safari' is unique and can be experienced in Singapore only.

While on a Night Safari, one can witness animals engaged in their night life like looking out for food or prowling. The zoo currently houses more than 900 animals of 135 exotic species such as African bongo, Cape buffalo, striped hyena, blue sheep, golden jackal and one-horned rhinoceroes. Some of the famous parks are mentioned below.

Cineplexes Cineplexes provide a fulfilling expereince for watching movies and spending good times with friends and relatives. Singapore has good cineplexes dotted all over for a pleasant movie watching with a lot of other fun options available for the cinemagoers.

Pubbing is another favorite activity of the locals and tourists alike. People indulge in night bar hopping and chill out the entire night. Partying through the night has become very popular. Happy hours in Singapore are roughly between 17:00 and 21:00 hours.

Shopping is another favorite activity in Singapore. There are places worth a dekko for ethnic shopping, such as, Chinatown and Little India. A plethora of shopping malls offer exciting ranges of goods and articles. Mustafa Shopping Centre is open 24-hours among others.

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