Music of Singapore

Singapore is one of the most happening cities in the world. Apart from being a major tourist destination because of its many hotels, exotic multicultural cuisines, and gambling centers, this island nation also has a lively musical scene. It is a melting pot for punk, rock and other musical variety. It is home to many famous music bands, mainly pop and rock bands like The Silver Strings, The Thunderbirds, and The Trailers. Singapore also has a very lively folk music scene as it is a melting pot of cultures mainly Chinese, Malay, and Tamil.

Singapore has a thriving musical environment
The national art center-Esplanade-was established solely with the purpose of giving a launching pad to the island’s multi-cultural and multiracial musical making. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra holds its concerts in the ‘Esplanade’. The Esplanade also hosts (full name is Esplanade-Theaters on The Bay) three musical soirees and festivals. The Baybeats festival is held annually and its main objective is to find out local talent for fostering the local musical culture and present it to the entire nation by thoroughly nurturing and grooming it.

The audience that attends this festival is thoroughly screened and coached to develop a taste for such festivals and also appreciate and spread the awareness for grooming homegrown talent.

The carnival is a perfect converging point and breeding ground for musicians, writers, designers, and photographers where different local youth organizations and bodies get an opportunity to showcase their talents. The Baybeats also gives ample opportunity for local bands to perform in front of the public and release their song albums. The festival allows the audience to witness the performance of different regional bands in the vicinity of Singapore and the surrounding areas.

You can witness performances by local musicians at the Esplanade. You have to purchase tickets for some shows and some are free. Musicians of yore particularly from the 1960s to 80s and rising stars of the 21st century perform at these shows.

The Rock’ N Roll and the Pop music scene in Singapore
History of pop music in Singapore can be traced back to the 1960s when world famous bands like Beatles and The Pink Floyd gave live performances. Cliff Richards also performed in Singapore. Most of the bands that evolved in Singapore concentrated on specializing in instrumental performances. The 1970s and 80s saw the evolution of rock bands like Oddfellows, and The Padres.

Metal Bands in Singapore
The metal bands scene in Singapore is getting hot with every passing day. Many famous metal bands like Iron Maiden, Slayer, and Exodus have performed in Singapore where audiences went wild with excitement. The Singapore Indoor Stadium is a strategic venue for performances by heavy metal bands. Some of the metal bands that are native to Singapore are The Corruptor, Assault, Chaos Aftermath, Crucifixion, Hella Morrigan, Deux Ex Machina, Kaliyuga, Stillborn, Suicide Solution, and Truth Be Known.

The musical events coming up in Singapore in 2012
An annual beach festival is being organized by Zouk, a renowned nightclub in Singapore. The date has not yet been finalized but it is scheduled to be held in the month of December. The event will see the congregation of several DJs who will be performing all through the day and night and will be egged on by numerous partygoers. The carnival will be held in Silosa Beach in Sentosa Island.

Then there are several clubs that will be different musical programs and competitions. The Zirca Mega Club and Groove is organizing a musical extravaganza called the “Lollipop Wednesday” for Zirca members on 22nd September. On 28th September 22, 2012, a musical program by the name of “WTF! Wreck The Frequency” featuring NAD-TRIX will be organized. There are many other similar clubs that has musical events lined up for the remaining months of this year.

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