Male Singers in Singapore

Music runs in the blood of almost all the citizens of Singapore, and the introduction of the Rock and Pop genres set the stage on fire. This foreign invasion influenced numerous youngsters from the generation who were brought up listening to pop-rock numbers. The young boys started seeing their career in music and soon took to stage and aimed for the glory that accompanies popularity. The Male Singers in Singapore either belong to certain bands or has taken out their own solo albums which are sold in great numbers all through the nation.

Apart from winning several awards and becoming known in every household, some of the Male Singers in Singapore has also got international recognition through their performance overseas in other countries of South-east Asia. A few amongst the most noted include:

Dick Lee - A famous pop singer of Singapore, his full name is Richard 'Dick' Lee Peng Boon and his name is popular amongst all across the nation. He always showed a penchant for musicals of which he staged numerous such as Beauty World (1988), Hotpants(1997), MIX and many others. His own compositions have been appreciated to greatly and some of his songs such as We will Get There and Home gained popularity as National Day Theme Songs. He has toured the world over and performed at many places and also has been associated with numerous associations and musical centers. Presently is recognized as a judge of the music contest Singapore Idol.

Kelvin Tan Wei Lian - Although disabled being visually impaired, Kelvin's dauntless struggle gave him prominence with Project Superstar.Soon he released his own album All I Want is…Kelvin which became a hit at the music scene of Singapore. He has the capability to pay piano and guitar proficiently and sing in various languages including Mandarin, English, Hokkien, Thai and Cantonese. He was actively involved in the Mandarin Idol Drama named 'Dream Chasers' which gave him the recognition he truly deserved.

Other famous Male Singers who have made mark for themselves in the Singaporean music world are Taufik Batisah, winner of the first Singapore Idol and Lin Jun Jie who has been involved with numerous Television Dramas and other musical programs.

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