Female Singers in Singapore

As in most of the other countries the female population of Singapore is not any where behind their male counterparts. In the field of art and drama, music and dance, the women in Singapore have made prominent mark for themselves and their work and compositions have been greatly appreciated around the whole of Singapore. The Female Singers in Singapore have been especially given due recognition by the appreciative audience and this is primary for the reason that these singers are not only versatile but proficient in multiple dialects which range from Mandarin to English to Malay to Cantonese.

Amongst the Females Singers in Singapore, a few famous names include:

Kit Chan - With numerous solo albums under her belt, and musical concerts to make her a household name in Singapore, she went on to become one of the first Singaporean Singers who made a name for herself in the international scenario with her album in Mandarin 'Heartache'.

Tanya Chua - Her first album 'Bored' won her an award and the there was no looking back. More albums in English and Mandarin including 'Stranger' and 'Breathe', made her a renowned Singaporean Singer in the nation as well as other East and South-east Asian Countries.

Mavis Hee - A former beauty contest winner, Mavis is an extremely talented singer who gave the residents of Singapore quite a few beautiful albums including the most famous of her works, 'Living by Night' and several incredible Ballads such as Regret, Iron Window, Sunshine After the Rain and more.

Stefanie Sun - Considered as one of the most successful Female Singers in Singapore, she has many hit albums credited to her name including 'My Desired Happiness', 'A perfect Day', 'The Moment', 'Against the Light' and others. Although most of her songs are in Mandarin, she has also sung quite a few compositions in English.

Other well known Female Singers of Singapore who have sold many albums in Asia are Rui En, Elsa Lin, Jolin Tsai and Zhao Wei.

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