Music Industry in Singapore

A nation where music can be felt in very breath you take, is undoubtedly a place where the Music Industry thrives. With Pop, Rock, Punk, Folk and classical running in the veins and arteries of the country, Music Industry in Singapore can be considered as one of the most well developed and sought after industry of Singapore. Whenever it comes to any kind of Industry, one factor which inevitably comes to mind is the revenue which it generates that contributes to the economy of the country.

Music Industry in Singapore is a major revenue generating areas of the nation, with thousands of music albums being sold everyday. As music is very popular in the island nation, many new bands are formed and singers take to stage, giving live performances on a nationwide basis. These live performances are very popular and see the gathering of large number of music fans.

As Singapore has many genres of Music existing all a the same time, be it Folk or Operas and orchestras, contemporary or hip hop, Peranakan and others, the Music Industry in Singapore is spread over large vistas of cultural world of Singapore.

In fact, the Music Industry in Singapore draws numerous tourists to this nation, contributing to the Tourism Industry as well. Another area where Music Industry has extended its reach is the Opera Festivals holding Orchestras and Concerts, be it the Traditional Asian types or modern and contemporary music.

Singapore has also, Time and again, seen the live performances of world renowned rock and pop singers, which has kept the Music Industry booming over all these years, primarily ever since the year 1960, which saw the incoming of the Pop culture to the country.

One of the major problems which was engulfing the Music Industry in Singapore and leading it to a fatal future was Piracy and illegal copying of original music. Cases were filed over the recent years to meet the problem and now it is seeing new light at the end of the tunnel, as the Music Industry in Singapore is regaining its former position once again after having taken strict actions against the piracy factor.

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